Running Windows XP on a separate drive

  novis 11:57 24 Nov 2008


I have a Toshiba laptop that runs a pre-installed version of Vista Home Edition with which my Visioneer 7100 USB scanner isn't compatible.

Is it possible to load Window XP onto the separate drive and run is this way?

Or can anyone suggest any simple straight-forward alternatives that are compatible with a novice implementing them ?


  beeuuem 12:10 24 Nov 2008

Have you tried any of the suggestions from click here

  DieSse 13:12 24 Nov 2008

"....onto the separate drive"

Which separate drive is this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:30 24 Nov 2008
  novis 13:12 26 Nov 2008

The most promising solution would be as follows [from the Visioneer site - ref above]

" I downloaded the scanner package from the Visioneer web site and installed it on my Vista business in windows XP mode.

Then I opened up device manager right clicked the scanner icon and clicked update driver

And selected search for the best driver automatically and a driver was downloaded and installed.

I went to the scanner and fax program in Vista and now I have a working Visioneer 7100


Next I went to control panel and selected Programs and Features and removed the Visioneer software and not the visioneer drivers as you remove the software a menu will appear asking if you want to remove the drivers as well with a menu.

my scanner worked after I removed the Visioneer software it seemed to take a minute or two for Vista to finger out that the scanner was still there after I removed the software but now I have a perfect working scanner.

I remember installing this scanner in XP sometimes it turned into a driver nightmare and

Other times the install went smoothly."

I'm not sure what is meant by: "I downloaded the scanner package from the Visioneer web site and installed it on my *Vista business in windows XP mode*."

I have installed the software - but when I go to device manager I cannot find a scanner listed.

Help please.

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