Running Vista Will More Ram Help?

  Acer-1 20:05 22 Jul 2007

Hi have not posted on here for a while. Basically i decided to buy a laptop only a cheap one for browsing internet and a bit of photo editing as i am a amateur photographer.

So i brought the Acer 5050 from for £299.99 and its nice i like it however it runs a little slow for my liking probably because of Vista.

Now i don't really want to start mucking about changing operating systems so i was just wondering about some things i could try to make it run faster the most obvious thing is improving the ram as it only came with 512mb DDR2 so i was thinking if i put 1GB or maybe even 2GB in the second slot then it would have 1.5/2.5 would that do the trick ?.

Also it came preinstalled with Norton Anti-Virus trial i have heared bad things about this and the fact it might also be helping my lappy run slower so was wondering if anyone can suggest some alternative Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware software instead.

One last thing alot of people have been saying they have upgraded the ram themselves is there a website that shows u where to put ram in my laptop?.


  Probabilitydrive 20:28 22 Jul 2007

scon your system here for memory upgrades click here
this is a current thread of the RAM issue click here

  Probabilitydrive 20:28 22 Jul 2007


  skidzy 20:33 22 Jul 2007

If you have Vista HP 512MB is no where near enough especially if you have the Aero feature enabled.

2GB is recommended and you would then see a great improvement,however check your manual to how much more your motherboard will actually take.

Removing Norton will certainly help also,but do use the removal tool.
Norton removal tool click here

For further advice of security and looking after the machine click here

  Totally-braindead 20:39 22 Jul 2007

Buy from Crucial as linked to above, don't buy cheap RAM its a waste of time. Vista is really RAM hungry and you need at least 1 mb better still 2 mb.

Norton is a bit of a resource hog but I believe the latest one is not as bad as its predicessor.
You could remove it and go with something like AVG free, its a pig to remove Norton sometimes and you may need the Norton removal tool to get rid of it. Other than that look at what runs at startup and disable what you don't need to run all the time, anything running in the background will slow things up a bit.

If you don't like AVG free then try AVAST free for your anti virus but do make sure only one anti virus is installed at any one time.

To remove Norton, download AVG free or AVAST free to the desktop but do not run it yet, also download the Norton removal tool. Disable Norton and try to remove it using add/remove programs then run the Norton removal tool. Once its gone then run and install whatever anti virus you picked and then you can connect back up to the internet.

Do not install any other anti virus until you get rid of Norton. If you have more than one anti virus program installed at the same time they will conflict with each other and neither will work properly.

  paul€ 20:51 22 Jul 2007

The processor will make a big difference to the overall performance of the laptop. If it came with a celeron or sempron cpu then extra will help a little but not a lot.

With only 512Mb of ram you will probably be using Vista basic.

  paul€ 20:51 22 Jul 2007

then extra ram will help a little but not a lot.

  Acer-1 22:21 22 Jul 2007

My Laptop has a 2.0GHZ AMD Turion 64 Bit Processor.

And yes i am using Vista Basic.

And my Laptop has 2 slots can take a max of 4gb one slot has 512mb in at the moment.

  Totally-braindead 01:46 23 Jul 2007

Personally from what I have read in the Vista Forum - where this thread should really have been - upgrading the RAM will make a considerable difference although most people seem to be using Vista Premium.

  Acer-1 17:33 25 Jul 2007

Well i went ahead and got some more ram 1GB Crucial and have installed it so i now have 1.5GB and can deffently notice the difference it flys now :D. Thanks for all the replys :).

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