Running very slow - now ok

  Jai 16:39 11 Aug 2006

My puter had started to run very slowly, even the kids noticed. All programs opened very lethargically & closed down the same. Tried spy searches & virus checkers etc. Decided I needed more RAM or an upgrade. This continued for 2 or 3 weeks. This week it is back to normal & quite sprightly in all aspects. The only difference I have visually spotted is when I shut down, the red turn off icon did not inform that there was an upgrade in process - it was a simple turn off icon. My auto updates are set to auto, so I wonder if M/S have issued a rather large update. I put SP2 on the machine about March 2006. Just info for anyone with same symptoms.

  wee eddie 16:43 11 Aug 2006

Is it used on the Net?

Do you have all M$'s Updates yet, e.g. have you visited the M$ Support Site and done an on-line check?

  Jai 07:55 12 Aug 2006

Spec - AMD 2000; 256RAM; 80gb Maxtor; Radeon 9200; Used all the time on the net via BT Voyager 220.
Don't know about M$ updates as I never check cos I assume Auto Update would do it all. Silly me!!!!

  wee eddie 08:43 12 Aug 2006

AV and Firewall - Which ones?

Don't be bothered by those that say that X is better than Y. It almost certainly is but if Y works then it's not an issue.

How often do you clear the Temp files in IE, your Recycle Bin and defrag the primary Drive and How full is it?.

  Jai 10:32 18 Aug 2006

Update - computer is now back as it was, & yes the update shield has returned to the "Turn Off" icon, so I am now running at the speed of a 386!!!!
Answer for wee eddie - using Spyware Blaster;AVG;A2;Ad-aware;Spybot S&D; all updated nearly daily. Recycle bin is emptied at least once a week. Temp files in IE - I set to clear when I exit the prog. (Not checked this works though for absolute ages).
Only using Windows Firewall, used to have Zone Alarm but it seemed to cause more probs than I could be bothered with.

  Jai 07:58 20 Aug 2006

Updated Update!! - went on M$ update site & followed their recommendations. The shield on the turn off icon has gone, puter seems faster. I now have a small yellow shield in the task bar / status bar with an exclamation mark & when I hover the mouse it says "Downloading updates 47%". I hope these are M$ updates. The HD is grinding away & sounds like a purring cat.

  wee eddie 08:57 20 Aug 2006

That's a big Download coming in.

I used to get that a lot when I was on Dial-up.

Maybe you have been trying to install before the downloads were fully verified.

  Jai 09:18 20 Aug 2006

Final update - I am convinced that the prob. is with Auto update. I had to wait for the puter to turn off (while it installed 53 update, yes 53!!!). Eventually I turned off Auto updates & the puter is now back to its old sprightly self.(Apart from a red shield saying Auto update is turned off & the world will end if i don't turn it back on).

  johnnyrocker 09:23 20 Aug 2006

it might be worth setting it to inform of updates but do not install.


  Jai 10:18 20 Aug 2006


have done just that. Thanks both for input.

  Jai 09:08 21 Aug 2006

Postscript - having changed auto updates to inform but not intall, I found this morning I have 59 updates waiting to install. I checked thru the list & ticked accordingly, then clicked install. The puter is now updated & runs as it should (ie fast), so I obviously have had a long term prob. with Auto updates trying to update itself. I think I am safe to call this topic well & truly resolved.

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