Running a program in XP before logon

  User-9A919F67-6ADE-4BFB-8B35A0F56CB2F7D6 14:58 04 Sep 2003

Is there any way that I can get a program to automatically run before any users log on to my XP Home PC?

What I am trying to do is to get my PC to connect to ADSL, so that when my familly log on the connection is already there waiting for them.

At the moment they log on, then ADSL says that it is connecting, then they can browse etc. My wife keeps asking why it does this when ADSL is supposed to be "always on" with "no connection" when in fact it isn't?

  scooby43 15:11 04 Sep 2003

the only way I can think of so that there internet is there for your family to use would be to have a router this acts as the host and comes with a built in firewall. Also broadband is always on connection I think it is always live I have to wait for my adsl modem to go green then I have to stil dial like I did with having dial expect it dosnt dial it just very fies the user and password then your online the reason really being its your isp your connecting to hope this makes sense


  Linus Tourvald 16:15 04 Sep 2003

can anyone break down ßéŁâ's link into a more understandable way. as i would like to do this but cant seem to grasp the link


(sorry for the hijack!)

  scooby43 17:33 04 Sep 2003

right click on your desktop then properties then on the apperance tab click effects then on the second drop down you can choose between standard and cleartype (sorry for the hijack too :))

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