running pc2100 ddr at 200 mhz

  EJgull 14:05 05 Feb 2005

I have just purchased an amd 3200xp chip for my pc. The ram I have is pc2100 which runs at 133MHz. To get the processor to run at the right speed I have set the memory to run at 200mhz. Will this damage anything? it seems to be running fine at the moment.

  dan11 14:34 05 Feb 2005

Do you mean you are running the ram as pc 3200, 200Mhz ( 400Mhz). As far as I am aware 133Mhz ram cannot run at 200Mhz. Perhaps your motherboard is running a setting called SPD.

What is the make and model of your motherboard. Some motherboards do allow you to run a fast cpu but use a slower speed ram.

If you have managed to get the ram upto 200Mhz ( 400Mhz), then I think this will damage your ram.

  gudgulf 14:40 05 Feb 2005

Try downloading CPU-Z from click here

run this and it will tell you exactly what speed your cpu is operating at and the frequency and latency etc of your ram memory.

  EJgull 14:51 05 Feb 2005

yes i am runnig pc2100 as pc3200.
my motherboard is a ecs m848a.
what is spd?

  EJgull 14:58 05 Feb 2005

CPU-Z Report


CPU-Z version 1.26.

Number of CPUs 1

Name AMD Athlon XP
Code Name Barton
Specification AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+
Family / Model / Stepping 6 A 0
Extended Family / Model 7 A
Package Socket A
Technology 0.13 ยต
Supported Instructions Sets MMX, Extended MMX, 3DNow!, Extended 3DNow!, SSE
CPU Clock Speed 2200.0 MHz
Clock multiplier x 11.0
Front Side Bus Frequency 200.0 MHz
Bus Speed 400.0 MHz
L1 Data Cache 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64 Bytes line size
L1 Instruction Cache 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64 Bytes line size
L2 Cache 512 KBytes, 16-way set associative, 64 Bytes line size
L2 Speed 2200.0 MHz (Full)
L2 Location On Chip
L2 Data Prefetch Logic yes
L2 Bus Width 64 bits

Mainboard and chipset
Motherboard manufacturer ECS
Motherboard model M848A, 1.0
BIOS vendor American Megatrends Inc.
BIOS revision 07.00T
BIOS release date 04/02/01
Chipset SiS ID746 rev. 10
Southbridge SiS ID8 rev. 25
Sensor chip IT 0

# of memory modules 3
Module 0 DDR-SDRAM PC2100 - 128 MBytes
Module 1 Micron Technology DDR-SDRAM PC2100 - 256 MBytes
Module 2 Micron Technology DDR-SDRAM PC2100 - 256 MBytes

Windows version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
DirectX version 9.0c

  dan11 15:01 05 Feb 2005

SPD = serial presence detect.

I would run CPU-Z as gudgulf suggests.

I'll see if I can a have a shufty at the motherboard manual.;-)

  EJgull 15:07 05 Feb 2005

i have run cpu-z. the report is above but i dont know what it means. as you see the chip is running at 200mhz, but it says the memory is 133, whitch it is but i changed it to 200 in the bios so my board would recognise the chip.

in the manual on the advanced chipset setup there is a line that says

DDR CAS Latency......................SDP

  dan11 15:09 05 Feb 2005

Ah! You have run it.

Well it seems to me that the motherboard is running by SPD and your memory is running at 133Mhz and not 200Mhz. Unless I have interpreted the data wrong.:-(

This should mean, without looking at the manual, that your SPD setting is at 66%.

The fsb of the cpu is always 100%, so it runs at it's recommended speed. The memory SPD is adjusted to run at a percentage of the cpu. In this case that is a ratio of 4-6 i.e. 133 - 200. This would give you a figure of 66%.

  EJgull 15:13 05 Feb 2005

so does this mean it is safe to run it as it is until i get some pc3200 ddr?

  pc moron 15:19 05 Feb 2005

This guy reckons PC2100 can be run at 200MHz.

click here

  dan11 15:27 05 Feb 2005

Yes it is safe to run at that speed ( the correct speed). cpu running at 2.2gig and memory running at 133Mhz ( 266).

pc moron

Going to have to read that about 6 times to let it sink in. lol

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