running out of memory

  train 08:02 16 May 2003

running winxp 1800 athlon one gig ddr 8ogig hard drive
I had 512ddr but was running out of memory when using photo software not enough memory to save or the program locked up i made the memory up to one gig i don,t seem to be doing eny more than before but still running out of memory
starting up windows is ok but the first program i start takes about 30sec to to come on screen for internet explorer takes 20sec click on email which is outlook express this can take upto 60sec to load or lock up.can you help?
also when shuting down i bring the shutdown window up this will stop as color the desktop will go black and white.

  VoG™ 09:12 16 May 2003

I'll take the easy one.

If you are running Windows XP the display is supposed to go to black and white when you shutdown.

  mixtrix 09:18 16 May 2003

Press CTRL/ALT/DEL and see how many services you have running in the background. From what you have said about the ammount of memory you have that should be more than enough.Do you have Norton products installed?

  jeez 09:44 16 May 2003

check your virtual memory settings, it's recommended to have 2.5x the amount of ram as virtual memory although setting it to a gig should be more than enough, check for updated mobo chipset drivers, check drives are using dma mode, defragment, check for viruses/adware, turn indexing service off, check hard disk is not on the same ide cable as cd-drive, check temp of cpu condition of fans (cpu will switch down to half speed if it's too hot). Make sure largest ram module is in bank 0. Clean the registry and temp files.

My hunch is a leaky utility running at startup, as suggested above check all startup options using msconfig.

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