Running old W95 software on Windows 7

  Graphicool1 18:05 23 Nov 2011

Hi guys

I've installed 'Microsoft Picture It!' on my Windows 7 PC. I've changed the compatibility to 95.

But when I click to run the prog, I get a message that tells me there is not enpough space available on the HD. I have 345GB free. So I went into the files of the programme concerned and found the following...

Out of memory / Disk space messages

Microsoft Picture It! uses space on your hard drive while working to store the large amounts of image data. These temporary files are removed when Picture It! closes. Picture It! checks and warns when less than 30 megabytes of free disk space is available.

Picture It! uses the system's "Temporary" drive setting to determine where these temporary files should be stored. If you receive out of memory/disk space errors under Windows 95, and you have hard drive space available on another drive, check this setting as follows:

1 - From the start menu, choose Run and type "SYSEDIT". Hit Enter

2 - Select the "Autoexec.bat" window

3 - Look for a line that indicates "TMP=" or "TEMP=". If there is one, check that the drive letter and location it points to has free space, or change it to a drive with free space.

(all there is in the 'Autoexec.bat' is...REM Dummy file for NTVDM...which apparently has something to do with 'compatibility')

4 - If there is not a line with "TMP=" or "TEMP=", the default will be the TEMP folder in your Windows directory.

(In c:\Windows\Temp there are 26 files of which twenty are temps. But only this much space is taken up...8.78 MB (9,212,634 bytes))

If you want to set Windows to use another drive for its temporary space, add a line as follows to AUTOEXEC.BAT and save it.

SET TMP= D:\TEMP (e.g. drive and path of new temporary location)

Note: All programs who use temporary files will now write to this new location.

  Graphicool1 18:17 23 Nov 2011

What I failled to establish in my first post was my question. Well, at least I thought that my question might not be clear, the question is...

1 - When I give it another location to store the temp files and as they say..."All programs who use temporary files will now write to this new location." many MB's does a file take and can I change the amount. Because if I am already getting an out of space message, when only 8.78 MB has been used, wherever I choose to locate the 'Temp' files won't help me, will it?

  john bunyan 18:46 23 Nov 2011

Why bother? There are several free photo editing software packages such as or the Gimp.

  Graphicool1 19:07 23 Nov 2011

Two reasons...

I've used this programme since I bought it for my first Win95 PC when it was the new kid on the block. I know it inside out, it's a fantastic programme and although I've tried every other photo editing/art package that has ever come out since. I am yet to find a package to match this. It can do everything they can do and more besides.

Secondly and possibly most importantly, althought it can save in a selection of different files. It saves best of all, if it uses it's own default suffix which is '.mix'. The only other programme that I know of that can open a '.mix' file is 'Microsoft Picture It! Digital Image Pro'. As it happens I have this also. However, the file problems remains with this also.

I have many '100's' of files saved in the '.mix' format.

  john bunyan 19:16 23 Nov 2011

I see ; however the use of specialist file extensions can be a problem, as I have found with my beloved Lotus .123 - have not been able to use it in W7. . If you save photos on a more popular format such as .tiff I imagine your programmes would read them if not vice versa. In Photoshop , which I use, in Edit/Preferences you can tell the programme which disc or partition to use as a "scratch disc" ie the place to be used if the RAM memory is exceeded. Not sure if youe programmes have such a feature.

  Graphicool1 12:10 24 Nov 2011

Hi john bunyan

"If you saved photos on a more popular format such as .tiff I imagine your programmes would read them"

They would, but for one small detail, that is, first I have to get the programme to open. Then I will be able to change the artworks and photo's from '.mix' to a more accessable format. However, every time I attempt to open it, it greets me with the...'OUT OF MEMORY' message?!

  robin_x 18:31 24 Nov 2011

Can you set the saved files path to a FAT32 partition on your hard drive (or a Flash stick) in PictureIt options? (instead of it referring to autoexec TEMP/TMP?)

You can set the TEMP and TMP Environment Variables in W7 as well. Control Panel/System/Advanced System Settings/Advanced tab/Environment Variables box


And a few ideas here, including Polyview and Word2000 (but not later)

(Wonder if openoffice or libreoffice would do it?)

Alternatively, you could use VM Ware Player or Virtualbox to run Windows 95.

They would need the Windows 95 (or W98) CD or iso and if you longer have a licence key, you will have 30 days.

  lotvic 21:24 24 Nov 2011

Do you still have your old pc that you were using Picture It! on ? If so then you could save the pic .mix as different format that you can use on your W7 machine.

The only help I could find is on

and they seem to have same probs as you.

  lotvic 21:27 24 Nov 2011

and also which might be of some use.

(sorry for double post, I missed last bit off)

  robin_x 22:28 24 Nov 2011

I retract my post above.

It's a piece of cake in the end. Such a wealth of people having problems and possible solutions.

Lotvic's link has one small voice saying "Windows 7 Photo Viewer opens .mix files". And it does.

Just right click and open with "Windows Photo Viewer". Then File/Make a copy (to another format)

eHow also has a link to Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006 Editor (61 day Trial)

Which also opens .mix files.

  Graphicool1 13:41 25 Nov 2011


"I retract my post above."

ok. as far as I am concerned it never happened.

Hi lotvic

I checked out the 'TechGuy' in your post, but like he says..."Note that this process does not allow layer information to be copied/converted. This will be lost."...unfortunately, much of my stuff has got layers.


regarding your second/last post, second half and...

'Lotvic's' revelation..."Windows 7 Photo Viewer opens .mix files". Amazing, it just didn't occur to me to try! However...

Went there - Tried that - Got this...

"Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because either Photo Viewer doesn't support this file format, or you don't have the latest updates to Photo File Viewer"?


Further to your last post regarding...

"Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006 Editor"

If you would like to cast your eye's back to my third post in this thread. I think you'll find that I mention actually owning...

"Microsoft Picture It! Digital Image Pro" which I also own and yes - as I said then - this also opens '.mix' photo's.

Thanks guy's I appreciate your help, but you have sort of missed the point.

My problem doesn't lie with the opening of the '.mix' photo's, but rather with the fact that I want to continue using this software...

"microsoft Picture It! The original, is a fantastic programme and although I've tried every other photo editing/art package that has ever come out since. I am yet to find a package to match this. It can do everything the rest can do and more besides plus easier and quicker."

Even after all these years - to the best of my knowledge - no art and/or photo editing software has been released that beats or even matches this.

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