running my laptop from my pc internet

  pug306 13:48 19 Nov 2007

hiya ive got a pc obviously but my boyfriend is buying me a laptop its got a wireless router and modem card so i was just wondering how it all works and what will i have 2do really confused pls help.

  MAJ 13:56 19 Nov 2007

If you are using a wireless connection with your PC at the moment, then when turned on, your laptop will detect the wireless signal (when within range). When it detects the wireless signal, enter your security key and your laptop will be able to connect to the internet using that signal. You will also be able to share files between the PC and Laptop and share any printer connected to the desktop.

  pug306 14:03 19 Nov 2007

ok confused now im just using normal internet on pc wanadoo no wireless conection. so when i get laptop it should pick up internet of pc what secruity key sorry im slow with these things

  MAJ 14:15 19 Nov 2007

No. You'll need to disconnect your modem from your desktop and use a wireless, modem, router to connect to the internet. To do that, you need to connect the wireless, modem, router to your PC via an ethernet cable and set it up using the instructions that come with the wireless modem router (they cost about £50). During the setup, you will set your security settings so that no one can connect to your connection unless they have the security key which you set, it is that security key (usually a log password) that you enter into your laptop when it detects the signal.

That's a very basic description, but if you give more details or links to what you (or your boyfriend) are buying, we will be able to help further.

  pug306 15:53 19 Nov 2007

ok right so i cant use the modem im using now then on my pc i thought it didnt matter thats what i was told cos its a del laptop that bought of some1. they said cos laptop got wireless modem wont matter bout pc or am i still being dumb

  Graham. 17:14 19 Nov 2007

Your PC is wired to a modem for internet access. The laptop could also be wired to the same modem, but you couldn't access the internet on both at the same time.

To do that, you need to replace the modem with a router.

  MAJ 18:39 19 Nov 2007

Can you post a link to the laptop you are buying, pug306, it might help to see what you're buying?

No you're not being dumb by the way, it's tricky to get a grip on it if you've never done it before.

For the laptop to access the internet without being attached to a phone line (i.e. wirelessly), it has to receive a broadband signal from somewhere. Because it has to do that, it will be fitted with an integrated wireless adapter (most new laptops have them nowadays).

Then the signal has to be transmitted from somewhere within range (usually about 30 metres) of the laptop. The wireless modem router does that.

As you have both a laptop and a desktop that you want to connect to the internet, the desktop also needs to receive the signal if you also want it to be wireless. To achieve that, the desktop must be fitted with a wireless adapter. The simplest solution to that is to by a wireless dongle that slots into a USB port on the desktop. If you don't want or need the desktop to connect to the internet wirelessly, you can just connect the wireless modem router to the desktop's ethernet port with the ethernet cable that is usually supplied with the wireless modem router.

At the outset, the wireless modem router will have to be connected to the desktop (with the ethernet cable) in order to set it up. The instructions to do that will also come with the wireless modem router as will a driver CD.

  pug306 17:20 20 Nov 2007

hiya ive got my laptop going now my pc has got the wireless modem fitted but its got old modem in aswell cos it wouldnt work so not really botherd the internet on laptop works in some rooms and not in others the netgear it is says keeps going off and the wr wont run the internet. anyway ive now been told ive got 2incript it so others cant use my internet cos i have the modem card? sloted into laptop? havent gota clue how 2do that? they said i would have to confiquire settings to use internet but i didnt have to. please help again thanx.

  Graham. 18:00 20 Nov 2007

Are you sure you are connecting the laptop through your own Netgear router? If you didn't have to configure it, could be you are picking up a neighbour's wireless signal. Disconnect from the phone line and see if the laptop still connects.

  pug306 18:10 20 Nov 2007

erm i doubt that thers no 1 close enuf 4me 2do that i dont think hehe. it just says negear conected so i duno but it goes off alot in certain rooms yer il try that but cant at mo cos someone using pc what do i do if thats the case? and i stil need 2incript laptop

  MAJ 18:18 20 Nov 2007

Damn, don't you just hate text talk...............

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