Running a Hi-fi or a speaker setup..

  Stones03 20:37 17 May 2003

i need desperate help whether or not to buy a new Hi-Fi to connect to my PC or a descent Speaker setup eg: click here
...i really have no clue what to go for. i assume as the 5.1or6.1 setup is a higher wattage it would be better at running games like mohaa etc. but as i dont understand much in the way of speaker systems im hoping some whizz can help me out!

  duplo 20:55 17 May 2003

Firstly you need to chose a soundcard.

A creative Audigy will output to 5.1, Audigy 2 to 6.1 I believe.
If its not your main music centre then an Audigy or Audigy 2 are wondeful pieces of kit and produce very good sound- even for music. Speakers are important, you can spend a fortune.

I have an Audigy and Videologic speakers that where around £60 (click here).

They sound very good for films and games, and even music output is impressive for a set costing that much. So the speakers you suggest would be even better. 6.1 is the way ahead, but 5.1 is still impressive. Depends on your finance and desire. Most DVD's are 5.1 encoded, while games vary I dont know of any at 6.1... yet.

For ultimate sound quality over anything else, and Amp and speakers is the way to go, as well as a good soundcard with a digital output. Your talking serious £££!

I would recoment a creative soundcard and either the speakers you chose of some creative ones. All jolly good!

  hugh-265156 21:50 17 May 2003

amp and speakers are defenitly the way to go.i recommend you try click here .when choosing dont worry to much about watts as its an overated subject.around 50w per channel into 8ohms(a lower figure will draw more power from the amp) is fine if its measured in RMS.look for the speaker sensitivity rating as this is more important.around 87-90 is ideal for most amplifiers the higher the sensitivity rating into a given wattage the louder it will be.more watts means more control ie/making the sound start and stop faster and adds "feeling" so is good that way.

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