running a duplicate Windows XP on 2nd computer

  User-324448 16:44 06 Feb 2003

I have two computers side by side in my home, The newer one has Windows XP Home Edition on it, the older one Windows 98, I want to clean everything from this older system and duplicate XP. I may add that I do not want to network the two at this stage. If and when I have achieved this I will have some questions regarding my Email address and setting those up on the older system to mirror my new setup, (I have tried this but get told that my email address is in use already and that I must change it.first things first though.)
Your most welcome advice will have to be in very plain English cus my old brain struggles a bit. Thanks in anticipation

  User-324448 16:58 06 Feb 2003

I do have a CD from the company I bought the new computer from and it tells me that it is a Windows XP CD but in small writing it says "The software included on this CD Rom was pre installed on your hard drive at the factory and may only be used for back up and recovery". Perhaps its a full XP programme ? I darent put it into my CD Rom player for fear of wrecking the whole darned lot.

  fsssh 16:59 06 Feb 2003

unless your 2 pc's are almost identical hardware-wise, when you activate windows on the second pc microsoft will know its on another machine and won't like it. in fact i think it may look a little bit deeper into your system and get individual serial numbers or something from your machines components but this may just be paranoia... :-)
i'm not sure you will be able to run the same activation code on 2 machines at once, you may have to buy another copy, in fact if you dont i think you may be breaking the user agreement and get a slapped wrist from MS at best.

  fsssh 17:03 06 Feb 2003

i think it is the full cd as thats what i had, i think they are saying you can only use it for back up or recovery cos that particular copy of xp has been assigned to your new pc and you only have a liscense to have it on that one computer. rather than you can only use it for backup/recovery cos thats all it can do, if you see what i mean.

  « Ravin » 17:05 06 Feb 2003

you can install xp on another computer but your supposed to wipe it off from the original computer and then after installing it on the 2nd computer while activating you'll probably be asked to call microsoft since the hardware configuration is different. the microsoft people are usually quite helpfull and you should get a new activation key. you won't be able to activate it on the older pc after this.

but from the looks of it you have a recovery disc which is normally locked to the BIOS of the computer it came with and you wont be able to install from this cd onto another computer.

  « Ravin » 17:07 06 Feb 2003

"you cannot run a single copy of windows xp simultaneously on 2 computers"

  User-324448 17:22 06 Feb 2003

The messages Im getting seem to indicate that Bill has got XP truly sown up. I may have to soldier on with my vintage Windows 98 setup,I will leave the question open for a while longer, just to see if any more suggestions come in but I would not want to upset Mr Gates. you know 98 isnt as good as XP but when I first had this I very nearly got it removed. now I prefere it.

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