running adaware/spybot together??

  df118 23:24 14 Mar 2004

pardon my apparent ignorance on this matter, but I am told that it is advisable to run both adaware and spybot on the computer as the one might miss stuff the other picks up and vice versa; is this correct???

  christmascracker 23:33 14 Mar 2004


  gudgulf 23:34 14 Mar 2004

Yes---make sure you carefully go through the read-me file for spybot though.

I use both regularly with no problems whatsoever.

  end 23:38 14 Mar 2004

what"s the " catch" with spybot???and is there a " read-me" file site I can have access to before I tackle this???

  byfordr 23:38 14 Mar 2004

Yes absolutely fine! Was helping out someone with their pc today. Running both found close to 1000 bits of spyware!


  The Spires 23:38 14 Mar 2004


  end 23:43 14 Mar 2004

???got an address for the spybot "read-me" file????BEFORE chaos happens!!!

  end 23:50 14 Mar 2004

....and I pRESUME spybot does NOT include a firewall in its download????, or if it DOES, is in an "optional " that one can disregard if one wants to?????

  Camille 23:52 14 Mar 2004

read me file is accessible once you open spybot - it's part of the application.

There's very little you can do wrong though (I would have thought) as I have been using it with no problems at all. I just read the details for each entry before ticking to get rid of them

  Boluwd 00:21 15 Mar 2004

you've been given this answer before
click here


  Forum Editor 00:37 15 Mar 2004

but you have been given advice on this subject in your previous threads at least three times to my knowledge, and there's a limit to the number of times you can ask the same questions. I've also answered your question about firewalls by email.

1. Install and run a personal firewall - ZoneAlarm from
click here would be good for you.

2. Download and run AdAware - the free version

3. Download and run Spybot from
click here

When you do these downloads, select the 'save to disk' option. Before you start, create a new folder, called 'downloads' on your desktop (right click in the blank space and select 'New'and 'folder'. Save the downloads in that folder, and click on the icons to install the software. Once everything's up and running you can go back and delete the 'downloads' folder if you want to.

Please do all that, and you'll be fine - don't fret yourself about all the what-ifs and maybe's - you'll find that it's easier than you think.

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