Running Adaware se personel

  swanny2 18:31 26 Apr 2005

today i ran a scan got the latest updates.after the scan it found 27 citical objects i highlited them all then pressed too remove object,Then deleting funtion came up .but it stayed there for ages? is this normal as i just closed the window after a while. im sure a box use too come up saying items deleted? can any 1 help plz.i run windows melenium ... ty

  The Kestrel 18:51 26 Apr 2005

Yes, the new version of adaware runs the same way as the old one. You should get a box saying items deleted. I would try running the scan again, as I have had a similar problem with Spybot S & D, where it seems to run on for ages before removing the items ticked.

  VoG II 19:13 26 Apr 2005

Or restart in Safe Mode click here and run Ad-aware.

  swanny2 19:21 26 Apr 2005

i have just ran a full scan and its found 49 object now .but the deleting selection is still there after 15 mins. hmm

  Technotiger 19:28 26 Apr 2005

Hi, I have just run a full scan, after deletion (20 objects), closed program - no problems.


  swanny2 20:33 26 Apr 2005

cheers vog ran it in safe mode using ststem cogig utility and it removed 37 items 6 objects could not be removed they where somethin like this .

c/restore.temp ad257806cpy
also in systm conf util i had a check mark in selective start up is this correct or should i have normal start up checked .
cheers again.

  VoG II 21:02 26 Apr 2005

To get rid of the ones in c:\restore\temp turn off System Restore then turn it back on again click here

This will delete al your existing restore points (together with the spyware stored in them).

  swanny2 11:28 27 Apr 2005

hmm cheers vog ive just tried that an its already checked?

  swanny2 22:00 08 May 2005

can any 1 tell me please why adaware wont remove any items as it stops in deleteing objects in normal mode .yet in safe mode it works? rubbing windows me . i have all the updates.

ty .

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