running 2 operating systems

  smeetle 17:35 24 May 2012

I have 2 hard drives in my pc,drive c and e,drive e contains windows xp and drive c is empty,my question is can i install windows 7 onto drive c and switch between operating systems on the same pc.also i have a spare hard drive which already has windows 7 on it,can i just connect that up in place of my empty drive c,i hope this makes sense as i am a bit off a novice..many thks..smeet

  bremner 17:38 24 May 2012

Depending how much of a novice you are have a read of this Dual Booting XP and Windows 7

  lotvic 17:47 24 May 2012

Dual boot, may or may not be possible depending on your setup. Is your W7 product key Retail or OEM and not installed on another pc (Retail licence 1 pc or is it a 3 pc's allowed)

May I ask how you ended up with XP on E:\ and C:\ empty?

It is important to know the history of installations as the MBR is probably on C: even though you do not have any personal documents on it.

As to the harddrive with W7 on it - you can't just take one harddrive out of a pc and put it in another. For a start the motherboard drivers will not match.

That is just my opinion so suggest you wait for others to post.

  smeetle 18:04 24 May 2012

thks for that bremmer..hi lotvic my previous pc died on me,so i took it to websystems in nottingham,they suggested repair was not really the best option,so i bought a new pc from them but asked if i could keep all my info from my old hard drive and operating system xp,upon getting my new pc home i discovered it had the new drive e plus my old hard drive c from previous pc,so i obtained the docs etc from c i wanted and formated it,as far as i know xp is running from drive e the new one,i have a retail copy of windows 7 which i had installed on my daughters pc,hence the spare hard drive i have with windows 7 already on it,as she wanted to go bk to xp..hope this helps a wee bit..i was thinking could i follow bremmers post and do a new install on drive c,as im sure my win 7 is a 3 pc licence,thks again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:07 24 May 2012
  1. you can not fit another drive with an opsystem on and expect it to work as stated the drivers will be wrong for your machine.

  2. you can install w7 on the c drive but boot manager will need to be adjusted to cope with the XP boot files that must be on C: see bremner's link

  smeetle 18:15 24 May 2012

thks fruit bat,i think i will try your latter suggestion looks like the most easiest and probably safest option for me,a bit scary but i will give it a go at the w/end and keep you posted..

  lotvic 19:57 24 May 2012

"as far as i know xp is running from drive e the new one"

I can only say, be careful and double check where XP is, before you proceed. Also that you have the product keys and DVD's and motherboard drivers in case you need to reinstall from scratch.

  smeetle 20:04 24 May 2012

as far as i can gather upon checking files on disc c using defraggler it seems to be empty of any data.i am pretty sure the pc shop put my old xp os from disc c to the new one disc e they supplied,as the pc i bought didnt include an os on the hard drive.

  lotvic 20:45 24 May 2012

One way to find out: Rightclick on 'My Computer' and choose 'Explore' then in the lefthand pane click on the + next to (C:) and have a look. Do the same for (E:)

  rdave13 20:58 24 May 2012

Open the case and I think the new HDD will be in sata port 1. The old drive will be in Sata port 2. The new HDD might look newer (less dust on) or the cable will? I doubt they'd clone your old disc to the new one then format the old one.. Disconnect the HDD in port 2 then see what happens when you boot up. You should find that it won't find an OS. If so do a fresh install of 7, find your mobo drivers, security etc. Connect the old drive to Sata 2. Use EasyBCD as a boot manager scroll down for free version.

Documentation here. Worth studying. and bremner's link shows how to use it.

  smeetle 21:11 24 May 2012

ive just formatted my old hd c,which is now empty then rebooted,everything seems fine,as far as i can gather the pc shop must have transfered xp from my old hd to the new one they supplied,can i possibly boot from cd and chose the option to installl win 7 on disc c?

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