Runing USB hub from USB hub

  Air_Man 18:06 21 May 2006

I am trying to connect a USB hub (4x on power strip) to my main 7x USB 2.0 hub. Both are powered.

i.e. Base unit connects to 7x hub, then this is connected to the 4xhub (from one of the 7 USB ports).

Is there any reason why this would not work or anything I need to beware of?


  Stuartli 18:15 21 May 2006

Providing the power supplies you mention are from a mains adapter there should be no problem.

I have eight USB2 ports available with my system and use one of them for my original USB1.1 powered hub - I use the hub for older USB1.1 products.

  johnnyrocker 18:18 21 May 2006

i had issues with this arrangement and had to give up in the end as some of the items in the 4 port could not be seen by pc via the seven port


  Air_Man 18:46 21 May 2006

I'll see how it goes over then next week or so and post back. Any other thoughts stil welcome.

  Air_Man 19:01 10 Jul 2006

Seems to work fine. All ports running USB 2.0 no problem.

  bluto1 21:44 10 Jul 2006

don`t forget that USB2 is backward compatible

  Stuartli 21:48 10 Jul 2006

In the vast majority of cases, but not necessarily so.

Some newer devices require USB2.0 drivers to be downloaded from the manufacturers' websites.

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