g0slp 00:14 31 Oct 2004

Does anyone know what the dickens this is all about? All I know is that it's an on-line game.

One of my children has just started playing this, & frankly I'm in the dark about it. The alarm bells are ringing as he's asked Mrs g0slp & me to pay a monthly sub to this site "because my mates do". Sound familiar?

"What Part of NO don't you understand?" didn't seem to go down too well...

Are there any security considerations (I'm thinking of my computer, not my son - I've given him the 'don't give out info or put yourself at risk' talk, & we try to keep an eye on what's going on)about this site? I ran as many security checks as I could find (Thanks VoG for the 'list of lists', btw) the other night, & my AV/Firewall are kept updated, but I'm still uneasy.

Thanks in advance.

Mark (g0slp)

  VoG II 00:18 31 Oct 2004

It seems to be kosher click here

My advice would be to remove the kids (they are certain to get higher scores than you) then join in.

  g0slp 01:14 31 Oct 2004

Oh, I know the website - it was the default IE site today (well, Saturday, OMG I've just seen the time...) until I returned the settings back & made my feelings known!

I agree, it does seem kosher, but there must be a catch somewhere. (Or am I just being cynical?)

You're not kidding (Pun? perhaps not...) about the kids getting higher scores on games than me - I'd just got the hang of Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64, but the Gamecube version... guess I'm just past it, over the hill, washed up... (fades into distance!)

Cheers, & goodnight!


  Lady Lara 01:37 31 Oct 2004

my son has been playing this for donkeys!! ok it is a small payment but it is similar to msn zone for AOE albeit with a small fee.

Happy kid!

go for it

  g0slp 07:20 31 Oct 2004

Thanks for that.


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