runaway mouse.......

  jeff168 03:04 31 Dec 2004

just bought a new packard bell optical mouse but the pointer keep going around the sreen.
sometimes here sometimes there.
anyone know what cause this and how to correct it?


  Djohn 03:12 31 Dec 2004

Have a look in the mouse properties to make sure the settings are not too sensitive. IE: Pointer motion too fast. Also try different surfaces under the mouse, mine is at its best direct on the desktop without a mat.

Is it a cordless one? If so then move the receiver to a different position or if its corded, make sure the cord is not dragging on anything.

  Dorsai 07:37 31 Dec 2004

If it's cordless it sounds like the batteries are flat.

As it is optical, try in on a different surface, like a sheet of A4. Also check that there is not a small piece of fluff in the sensor. From experience even quite a small foreign body stuck in the sensor can cause erratic mouse pointer behaviour.

  Andsome 08:58 31 Dec 2004

Something else to try. You may have had a program called crazy mouse downloaded on you, some so called friends think this is clever. Click start/Search, and type crazy mouse. If you get any results, right click and delete them.

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