Run Time Errors

  [DELETED] 18:57 20 Nov 2003

I run XP and have been experiencing 'Run Time' errors (I don't know even what 'Run Time' means. I came here, having been helped before on other problems, to find several people have had different Run Time queries. Mine seems to be a litte different: I am trying to reorganise a folder in My Documents with lots of sub folders and hundreds of JPEG (and a very few other format) picture files which have been collected over years. The message I get is "Runtime Error. C:\Windows\Explorer.exe. The application has requested Runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application support team for more information"

Who the 'application support team` are I haven't a clue: perhaps some of you guys have. I am in UK by the way, in Yorkshire.

The screen I am working on freezes. If I click OK on the dialog box I am returned to the desk top where everything is sane and normal but I have to go back to the beginning to find the sub-folder I was working on - and the whole business starts again. If I decide to work on another sub-folder that toocomes up with the same Runtime message so for now I am stuck! (Incidentally I am trying to backup, in an organised way, about 4GB of pictures collected over the years since the 1890's) Any ideas anyone please?

Rubroy (silly NDP but I wanted Robroy!)

  [DELETED] 19:06 20 Nov 2003

click here is a similat problem but with Internet Explorer. There are suggestions to remove spyware. Try Ad-aware click here and Spybot click here

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