run time error '75'

  lodav 20:34 28 Jan 2005

please please tell me in plain english how the message: run time error '75' path/file access error can be sorted. Hope someone can help me.

  stalion 22:20 28 Jan 2005
  stalion 22:21 28 Jan 2005

sorry forgot to add click the top box on the page it contains info on your problem

  lodav 17:42 31 Jan 2005

I couldn't understand the intructions

  Kegger 17:46 31 Jan 2005

When accessing Realty One Software (or probably any application) you can receive Run Time Error 75. This problem can usually be fixed just by Rebooting Windows. Try rebooting first then try the fixes below if the problem persists.

In Realty One Software we’ve tracked down some of the files that might be responsible for this error. In most instances the file may be renamed to solve the problem. We recommend renaming the file as file.old (for example if you had a file named rplus.exe causing the problem then you should rename it rplus.exe.old.)

If it occurs when you are trying to access your client list: Try renaming the file named client.idx found in the User’s directory in the Data subdirectory of the Realty One installation directory.
If you log in as BROKER and have installed without changing the installation defaults you would look in C:\PROGRAM FILES\REALTY ONE SOFTWARE\DATA\BROKER
If it happens during installation: Look for Realty One Software in your Start-Programs menu, in some instances the icon from a previous installation could not be replaced. This may happen if it has been write-protected. If this is the case then you should just be able to launch Realty One Software.
During installation when clicking Okay on the screen that asks for your agency name and address: your rplus0.dat file may be locked. Look in the data subdirectory of your Realty One Software installation for rplus0.dat and try renaming it and installing again.
During the update process: If you receive an error before any downloads begin you may want to delete the Download subdirectory of Realty One Software.
If you receive it before the R1f.gid file can be downloaded you may need to delete r1f.gid from your Realty One Software directory.

Note: This is a fairly complex error. Technical support doesn’t have any more knowledge of what causes this problem than you do now, but many times we can guess which file is responsible because of our experience with Realty One Software.

***** above is what the page states. Kegger

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