Run SFC against an external hard drive?

  TooSteep 19:27 08 Feb 2010

Hello all:

My system recently stopped booting - it recycles very early in the boot sequence. I am unable to boot in Safe Mode or the Last Known Good configuration.

The system is in an industrial closed box with no optical drive. The system disk is a 30 GB SSD, with XP SP3. (When I try booting the system with a different system disk, it works fine, so it doesn't appear to be a hardware problem.)

If I put the problem disk into an external USB enclosure and hook it up to a different PC, I am able to read the disk with no obvious problems. So I'd like to repair the XP installation on the disk and see if that fixes my problem. How do I repair an XP install on an external USB disk?

I cannot figure out a way to make SFC run against the external disk, and not the system disk of the machine it is running from. And I cannot install the problem disk into the original machine as the system disk and boot off CD, since that system has no optical drive.

Any suggestions for repairing the XP install?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:58 08 Feb 2010

Run SFC against an external hard drive?
Not possible as XP is not designed to run from an external device (can be done but extremely complicated).

Does the system have USB ports? if so connect a USB optical drive set the system to boot from USB and do a XP repair install.

  TooSteep 05:17 09 Feb 2010

I have an old USB-CDROM drive that wont' boot, even when I set the BIOS to boot from 'USB-CDROM'. I think I will go out and get a new slimline external DVD drive and try it.

But it seems crazy that an XP installation on an external disk cannot be inspected and repaired. It is such an obvious way to repair systems thaat have been damaged or infected. Why wouldn't you make it easy to repair them as external disks?

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