"run as" problem

  justin37 19:08 04 Apr 2004

Hi Guys

For some reason everytime I open up an application I get an annoying prompt asking which user account I want to use to open up a program,I also can't open the programs until I uncheck the security box, any ideas why its started doing ths all of a sudden and how can i disable it cos it's really bugging me.

Cheers In advance for your help.


  hugh-265156 19:21 04 Apr 2004

try right it and select properties/shortcut/advanced and untick "run with different credentials"


  justin37 19:39 04 Apr 2004

Tried that and stil the same asking which account i want to use the program. the check box reads- protect my computer and data from unauthorised activity. when i untick it the programs run fine,but won't start til i do.

  hugh-265156 19:48 04 Apr 2004

you shouldnt see this box if "run with different credentials" was unticked.

not sure sorry.

  justin37 17:55 05 Apr 2004

If it helps here is a link to show the box that keeps coming up.Any help is REALLY appreciated.



click here

  anon1 18:44 05 Apr 2004

Make sure you are logged on as administrator.

  justin37 19:27 05 Apr 2004

Yes I am logged on as the computer administrator, it just seems weird it has started doing it all of a sudden

  hugh-265156 22:47 05 Apr 2004

as above if you are the administrator and you have unticked "run with different credentials" you should not see this.

i have no idea sorry but this will bump it up again for you ^

  temp003 06:13 06 Apr 2004

click here for a registry fix.

You can back up the relevant hive first:

Click Start, Run, type regedit and press Enter.

On the left, highlight HKEY Classes Root, then at the top left, click Registry, Export registry file. You'll be prompted to save it. Call it classesroot.reg and save it somewhere you can remember. Then exit regedit. Then double click the unzipped .exe file from dougknox to apply the fix. Restart if necessary.

  justin37 06:13 06 Apr 2004

Thanks for the reply huggy, that would mean that i would have to untick "run with different credentials" for every application I have, what a pain.

  justin37 06:16 06 Apr 2004


I have unticked "run with different credentials" for a couple of applications just now and it doesn't make a jot of difference I still get the same oold box coming up.

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