run outlook express automatically at startup

  kimtrnc 08:05 11 Dec 2008

Lots of information about REMOVING progs from start up, but can't see how to add! Microsoft says "add to startup folder", but I don't think I have one of those.......
Not vitally important but irritating.TIA

  Halmer 08:11 11 Dec 2008

drag it to Start/All Programs/Startup

Takes a bit of getting used to but once you've mastered it it's fine.

Don't take your finger off the mouse button!

  eedcam 08:36 11 Dec 2008

Or you could get mailwasher freeclick here that will start first thing and show your mail and whether its worth opening if not no need to open outlook

  kimtrnc 10:21 11 Dec 2008

Halmer - thanks for that. Only problem is I don't have an All Programs/Startup on the Start Button. I run in Classic Mode, which is proabbly the problem!

EEDcam - will take a look at mailwasher, but I really want to look at my mail as often as possible. I can, of course start OE manually, and I'm just being lazy, really!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:27 11 Dec 2008

My computer - C - documents and settings - your username - startmenu - programs.

File - new - Folder - change the name to Startup.

in Startup File - new -shortcut - follwo the propmts to add a shortcut to your email program.

  kimtrnc 11:29 11 Dec 2008

Fruitbat - you are quite brilliant....except..... I have followed all instructions, but what opens is the folder containing OE, not OE itself.I have tried designating the folder "Outlook Express" AND designating the operating file "msimn.exe". Both just open the folder on restart.
What am I doing wrong?

  kimtrnc 12:30 11 Dec 2008

Win XP sp3

  Furkin 12:36 11 Dec 2008

I have the OE on my task bar. Possibly not the right thing to do, but as I use it a lot, I know it always comes on when I boot, & is always accessible wherever else I am.
If this suits you, drag the shortcut icon from wherever it is (Poss desktop), onto the task-bar & it will put another shortcut on there.

  Batch 14:27 11 Dec 2008

If you are using Classic style, just follow Halmer's advice but it's Start, Programs, Startup.

That's all there is to it.

  kimtrnc 15:06 11 Dec 2008

Sorry, folks - I obviously did not explain myself very well.

I DO have OE on the task bar - what I want is for it to OPEN when the system starts - saving me the dreadfully tiring task of clicking on the icon
( My middle name is Lazy.....)
Thanks to all who offer help

  Switcher 15:24 11 Dec 2008

Drop a shortcut to msimn.exe into the startup folder. Just checked it, it works OK

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