Run DBase Version 4 (DOS) on W98 PC

  david4637 16:25 30 Jun 2003

I have a Dbase (Database Program)that runs on my old W3.11 PC. How do I go about installing Dbase on my W98 PC, as I have some useful data I wish to reference before the old PC dies. Thanks David

  keith-236785 17:00 30 Jun 2003

first of all, copy the files into a new folder in C: , preferably dbase,(it will make it easier to find, also keep it less then 8 letters long).

If the DBASE is a true dos based utility then you would need to Shutdown and restart in DOS, then at the prompt type

dir +press enter

then type

cd dbase +press enter (or whatever you have called the new folder)

look for the install or setup file,

type install or setup, hopefully this will install the app and you should then be able to run it by typing its name,
if it doesnt have an install or setup but has a file with a exe extension then try typing that eg. dbase.exe, just type

dbase +press enter

Hope this helps

ps i presume you have tried it in windows 98, if not then try it in windows first.

good luck

  BurrWalnut 17:06 30 Jun 2003

In the root directory create a new folder and copy your DBASE files into it. You may wish to set up sub-folders that correspond to the old DOS set up, i.e. DBASE system in a separate folder from your applications.

Put a shortcut for the MS-DOS prompt either on the desktop or in quick launch. Make sure the prompt refers to full screen.

To run DBASE, double click the prompt, then change directory (CD\DBASE)to where DBASE is stored and type DBASE (if I remember correctly).

When you have finished with DBASE, to be on the safe side, make sure you return to the windows directory (CD\WINDOWS) and type exit.

  keith-236785 19:56 30 Jun 2003

just had a second thought, microsoft office (excel & access) both accept DBASE files, if its just a case of getting the info.

if you really want to go back in time then do as we said earlier

  david4637 16:34 01 Jul 2003

Thanks all for your helpful tips. I hope to run Dbase in W98SE. Last question - do I need to add anything into autoexec.bat or config.sys such as files=40 and buffers=40 which are present in the w3.11 PC, or should the install program do it? Thanks David

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