Rules In Outlook

  Big Trev 21:21 18 Dec 2005

I used to use Outlook Express and it allowed you to make a rule that left a message on the server if it was to a certain address.

I have tried to do this in Outlook, but I can't figure out how it is done. I know about rules wizard etc, but this isn't an option.

I want to do this so people logging into their own accounts don't download the other people's emails.

  Bramblerose 22:26 18 Dec 2005

Are you using XP Pro? I have six accounts for different members of the family on one computer - each family member has a copy of Outlook on their profile with their own email accounts and they can only download their own email not everyone elses

  VoG II 22:30 18 Dec 2005

It is not so easy in Outlook click here

  QuizMan 22:39 18 Dec 2005

I remember having a problem with this and it was not intuitive. I run Outlook 2003. In my case each e-mail account had their own log in and I had to set up Outlook for each of their log ins. Once I had done that, for each log in I went through <Tools/Send Receive/Send Receive Settings/Define Send Receive groups>. I edited the "All Accounts" group name to define the account to receive e-mail by ticking or unticking the check box for "Include the selected account in this group". I had to repeat this last process for each account.

This may sound complicated and it was certainly tedious, but I go there in the end.

Not sure if this works for previous versions of Outlook. Good luck.

  Big Trev 23:05 18 Dec 2005

I'm running Outlook 2002.

My problem isn't so much setting up Outlook for different email accounts as something else. I have my own domain name and who provide an email address. Basically there is one account with the same username and password but you can set up different email addresses. For example, the email address might be [email protected], but you can set up the email address [email protected], [email protected] and so on. (See for more details).

Previously, with Outlook Express I could set up a rule on everyone's accounts saying that if mail came in for someone elses email address it should be left on the server, otherwise the first person to download mail gets the lot. I am trying to achieve the same in Outlook, which has more whistles and bells, but doesn't seem to manage this. Am I wrong?

I may be missing something, but nothing suggested so far sorts this one out.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Does anybody have any other ideas?

  Forum Editor 23:25 18 Dec 2005

when you have your own domain name hosted by a hosting company is that you set up individual mailboxes for various users, each mailbox having a separate username and password.

Then all you have to do is set up separate mail accounts in Outlook - one for each mailbox. Every user has their own mail account, with their own login, and their mail goes into that. I don't understand why everyone's mail seems to be going into the same mailbox on the server - something's not configured correctly, surely?

  Granger 10:53 19 Dec 2005

This is not about separate mailboxes, because these email addresses are not separate accounts. I have the same trouble with Wanadoo. You can define various email addresses, only varying by what you put in front of the @. But anyone downloading any mail addressed to anything at the same domain gets the lot.

Wanadoo give instructions for how to work around this on their website. As Big Trev says, it involves creating a rule that's possible in Outlook Express, but I can't seem to do it in Outlook 2003. I've been considering posting the same problem here.

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