Rubicon project cookie ?

  crespo 21:20 11 Sep 2014

When i was logging into my homepage, i noticed the following message at the bottom of my browser screen: "waiting for". This wasn't the site i was logging into, but i wasn't redirected to it either. I've read that it's a cookie, so i was wondering is it safe or is there a risk to my computer security and do i have to change my passwords for other sites ? A security scan showed nothing was wrong by the way. Thanks. 21:52 11 Sep 2014

A very quick check on google shows the rubicon project to be some sort of advertising thing.

If it is a cookie then you should be able to delete it but be aware that there is the possibility of other files being on your commputer.

I presume that the rubicon project is for giving you advertisments related to what you look at on the internet.

  lotvic 22:00 11 Sep 2014

just yet another tracking advertising cookie collecting info about where you browse so it can direct advertising to you, remove cookies remove-rubicon-project-cookies

You could always use an adblocker to block

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