RTX 2070 or 2080 decision

  PhillyG76 21:31 15 Mar 2019

I’ve just built a new desktop pc based on Intel 9600k, Asus z370G mATX board and one Corsair 16gb 3000Mhz ram module. I now realise the built in gpu isn’t great for games and need a graphics card but can’t decide between the 2070 or 2080. At the moment I just have a 1080p tv and know either will cope well, but UHD tv’s are getting cheaper and so will definitely buy one soon, but am not sure how well the 2070 will handle 4K resolutions. I’m gonna buy on finance and noticed the 2080 works out roughly an extra £3-10 extra a month so I’m more drawn to the 2080. If there was a similar small increase for the 2080ti If I know I can easily afford the increase, but thinking about future games and UHD, do you think I should pay the extra for the 2080! And also this may seem crazy, but I’m looking for two slot ones as if games become more demanding I’d consider adding a second in NV link.

On another topic at the moment I’ve got just one 16GB Corsair vengeance LPX 3000MHZ ram module. I did originally have an 8GB one but at 2400MHZ which I may sell. But how important do you ppl rate ram speeds? Obviously I’d always try the fastest I can afford. But 3,000 seems adequate, but for the short term, If I needed more ram, would underclocking the 3mhz one and slightly overclocking the other so the speeds match be an ok short term fix? I hope to just sell the 8gb module and just keep adding 16gb modules over time. Most people probably say 32gb is overkill, but I thought 8gb would be ok to start but couldn’t play Forza at all, changing to 16gb made all the difference. So that’s why I’d rather buy one high capacIty 16gb module at a time so I’ve the option of filling up to max 64gb for the future. I can imagine 64gb would probably be considered over kill for at least three years, but I plan to try keep this build going for at least 5years. Many thanks for advice and hope I can somehow offer opinions or recommendations back.

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