RTCW Demo - Monitor now blank and won't change

  AshW 11:29 07 Dec 2003

Installed with no problems, but on trying to play my monitor (a 17" TFT) now only displays a solid dark blue picture. Restarting does nothing to help, and as I can't see where to click, I can't do anything on the PC itself (I'm writing this on my other PC).

2Ghz P4
GeForce 4 Ti4400 w/ recent (one update below newest) Detonators
Win XP Home w/ SP1

Any help would be much appreciated because I can't do anything interesting on this PC =(

  LeadingMNMs 16:23 08 Dec 2003

Can you see anything on the monitor as its starting up and then it goes blank as operating system loads, or is it always like this.

If you get some screens on startup then trying going in to safe mode and changing / updating the driver for the monitor.

Hope this helps

  AshW 19:15 08 Dec 2003

Thanks for the reply, but reconnecting it seemed to solve the problem...not sure why.

Anyway, just FYI, it was always dark blue - this was why I was so worried - I couldn't see a thing!

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