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  djbenny 13:35 22 Apr 2006

is there any free RSS portals where users can find the feeds they want and add them, i have found one but it didnt install properly and cant finfd any notes on installation it was called clodhopper from sourceforge

  djbenny 19:35 22 Apr 2006

no others?

  phil 13:18 23 Apr 2006

I would think that any portal that could list every website in the world that has a RSS feed would be an impossibility.

If you go to a site that you like, with a RSS feed included, then just click on the RSS button and copy & paste the new page address into your newsreader.

I use one from this site: click here

Make sure that you install Net.framework. That could be the reason that the one you tried didn't work.

  djbenny 08:51 24 Apr 2006

thats not what i'm after, i want a website where users cn login and put thier own feeds on there like news, weather for their area etc

  djbenny 08:53 24 Apr 2006

...and a portal is like an online community such as mambo or phpnuke

  phil 23:39 24 Apr 2006

This was your question: is there any free RSS portals where users can find the feeds they want and add them

and I answered your question.

A portal does not have to be mambo or phpnuke.
Freeserve, Tiscali, Pipex etc homepages are all portals.

You're also a very rude and ill mannered person.

  djbenny 07:23 25 Apr 2006

sorry if you think so, its just not what i was after thanks for the help anyway i have kind of found what i'm looking for now anyway but i'll continue searching, thanks for the help

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