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Rs232 to USB cable problem

  newface 17:31 28 Mar 2009

I bought a hand held scanner which had a female 9 pin connector. My laptop only had a 15 pin rs232 connector. As I had spare usb ports I got a USB cable that had a male 9 pin attachment at one end. I also downloaded some drivers for HL-340. When the cable is attached it shows up as com4 usb-serial ch340 usb2.0-ser!. When I run the software associated with the scanner, a light on it flashes, but nothing else happens.
Does anyone have any idea if I am using the combination of cables etc?

  newface 16:39 02 Apr 2009

Hi Poitier, the reason I bought the null adapter was because the scanner was not working when attached via the USB port. I bought the adapter just in case there was some sort of mix up over the transmit / receive, but the problem seems to lie a little deeper. All the FAQ pages say that it is possible to attach this device via a USB slot even though it was origionally designed to attach via COM1.

  newface 19:37 11 Apr 2009

First off I'd like to thank all those people who took the time to post a response to this query.
I eventually decided to bite the bullet and bought a PCI I/O serial port card for my PC. It worked first time, and I can download data from the scanner. I will just have to save the data onto data stick and transfer it to the laptop.

Once again thanks to everyone.

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