RPCSS.exe file tries to access "the unknown"

  [DELETED] 14:49 21 Aug 2003

After downloading some"security" patches from the "update windows" site, I find that every time I try to boot up I get a message regarding "possible rogue programme - file RPCSS.exe is trying to access the unknown". I have to click "continue" otherwise the computer just locks up. Then I get another message that the file "is trying to access the internet". Again it is necessary to click "continue".
I ran the "find" programme & located 2 files so named, 1 in system the other in a sub folder. One in sub folder deleted OK, but the other wouldn't because it "is in use by windows".After deleting the one copy that would, the problem remains, and boot-up time is incredibly long.
I've run Norton Antivirus, & that reports no infection.
What is this file & how can I stop it trebling the boot up time by all this unwanted activity?

  xania 16:10 21 Aug 2003

This click here will explain that file. Go the the MS knowledge base and type in the error messge and see what comes up.

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