Roxio's media hub.exe issue

  Ellen G 16:59 21 May 2007

I have a XP computer from Dell (Optiplex) which had Roxio Creator Plus installed. When you exit the programme, it gives you three error messages (media hub.exe, application error, runtime error), and via Google, I discovered this was a known bug linked to WMP11.

Roxio has a patch which it said it would pass to Dell, but hasn't. We need one for those with Roxio Creator Plus v.204, preisntalled on machines now.

BTW, WMP11 also seems to have a known problem with copying to CDs. Which is why we need to use other programmes, like Roxio.

I didn't want to install WMP11 but got strange errors using WMP9.

I suppose this is what they call progress. More bugs. If you ike that sort of thing.

  mocha 20:37 21 May 2007

You can check this out and see if this is your problem, click here .If this doesn't help why not do a restore to when you had WMP9, at least your Roxio software will work until you get a patch.

  Ellen G 23:12 21 May 2007

Thanks for your advice. WMP 9 also had problems. That's why I updated. If I went back, I would probably encounter the same errors which led me to update.

I have Creator Plus v204. I don't know if this is the same as "Sonic Digital Media". They refer to a version. I'm not sure if the above version is the same as their version. However, the error messages are the exact same ones as I'm getting. I'm not young and fearless. I daren't try until someone knowledgeable tells me it's the right thing for my version. I've written to Dell tech support. If it goes pear shaped, atleast, I can blame them.

Thanks again.

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