Roxio Videowave 7

  Yimbo 11:05 16 Sep 2008

After much time and effort, I put together four slide show productions, complete with music, (quite an achievement for me!!) using the above program - and put them into "My Pictures" pending later burning to a DVD. However, on trying to bring them back again into Videowave, I get the message: "Unable to preview selected Production. The Production is missing files. Please edit and locate the missing files". On trying to do this, I get a further message: "The Production cannot be previewed because it contains one or more invalid files. Required playback components may be missing from your system, or files may be corrupt". The four productions all worked fine when I put them into "My Pictures", and I've done nothing to them since!

I would be grateful if anyone has any idea about what may have happened - and for any advice as to what to do. Thank you!

  provider 2 13:00 16 Sep 2008

It might be an idea to check this one out with the Roxio Community:

click here

  Yimbo 17:34 16 Sep 2008

Thanks Provider 2

  Yimbo 17:39 16 Sep 2008

I meant to add that I've had a quick look at the Roxio Community site. PHEW!! What an enormous list! Still, I'll plough through it and hopefully get an answer to my query! Thanks again!

  RickyC :-) 20:22 16 Sep 2008

Could it be that Videowave saves the 'missing files' to a specific 'Roxio' or 'Videowave' folder on your PC (Check the Roxio folder within C:\Program Files)? There could well be a default folder for any projects you're working on in Videowave.

Please let us know how you get on, chances are you're not the only PC Advisor reader using this software so others may benefit from any solution you find.

kind regards

Software Editor

  Yimbo 11:31 18 Sep 2008

I've entered my query in the Roxio Community - so we'll see what transpires! Keep you posted!

  Yimbo 00:29 13 Nov 2008

Having persevered with my original problem - (see above)- trying to find a solution, I decided that the simplest thing would be to re-do my slideshows. This I did, but before I got around to burning them to DVD, the very same issue arose once again - the same messages as before. However, this time, on calling up the list of "missing files", I went to the folder containing the photos, clicked on this, and lo and behold, the original slideshow productions were restored, complete with sound track. I could hardly believe it was this simple!

As our Software Editor has requested, I'm posting this, hoping it will help any folks experiencing the same problem.

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