Roxio vhs to video

  yapstan 15:20 17 Dec 2011

Hi i have installed the Roxio VHS to DVD on my computer but i keep getting a message,when trying to run it,"No video signal". have tried various leads but still no good.The system is a Inspiron 530s with Vista, Intel core 2 @2.66GHz,4GB ram,graphics ATI Radeon h 2400 pro [dell]. this info means nothing to me but i am hoping it is of use to the kind person that can solve this problem for me many thanks

  eedcam 15:33 17 Dec 2011

Pity you dont have a dvd recorder much better and easier .Still what do you mean try to run it presume you mean? start recording from a VHS deck if so which output connection from the deck are you using

  yapstan 15:37 17 Dec 2011

I have tried the S Video lead and the white red and yellow leads still no joy

  eedcam 17:03 17 Dec 2011

w ite and red are the audio and yellow is composite video Svid is best if your gadget accepts that You do need to have the tape playing I doubt it senses its connected until you try Capture with the tape running ,Aploogies if you have already done this I'm trying to sus it out loking at Roxios So called instructions and google

  eedcam 17:06 17 Dec 2011

You might have some luck on its own forum Roxio Forum

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