roxio record now

  elchris 13:50 27 Aug 2006

I`m doing my darndest to install Roxio Record now from the dvd cover disk 133 (I used to have this programme on another pc but lost it ) but I can`t seem to get the serial key from roxio I always hit a blank page
Can anybody help me with this ? I need to go to click here.
has anybody else hit this glitch ?
grateful for any help

  pj123 18:06 27 Aug 2006

Although I am not about to install Roxio RecordNow, or anything else Roxio in fact. I tried your link and found it very straightforward. All you need to do is click on RecordNow and enter your First Name, Last Name, your Email address and your Country and then click on Submit Now!

  ade.h 18:12 27 Aug 2006

pj - Have you had bad experiences with Roxio stuff? Or does it have a reputation? If it's in danger of becoming a Symantec-style buyer of good products and making them mediocre, I hope it doesn't do so now that it has aquired Record Now, because it's a really good product. My only experience of Roxio's own developments is the CD burning utility in Windows XP, which Roxio provided to MS. It works pretty well, though I much prefer Record Now coupled with DLA.

  pj123 18:23 27 Aug 2006

ade.h, yes albeit a long time ago with what was then called Easy CD Creator. It wasn't easy and it didn't work. Stayed away from it since. Things have obviously moved on a lot since then but, being a Taurus, I am very stubborn. Once I have made a decision I won't go back.

Now using Nero and have no problems whatsoever.

  ade.h 18:47 27 Aug 2006

Funny that - I don't believe in all that star signs stuff, but I'm a Taurean and stubborn, too!

I used to have Nero 5.5 - bundled with a CD writer - but I didn't like it very much. Sonic Record Now (as I know it) is fantastically simple yet very efficient. I use DLA to create discs that Windows can treat exactly as if they were hard-disk partitions or USB flash drives.

  elchris 08:31 28 Aug 2006

Thanks for the answers , tried it again this morning and still got a blank page, turned off norton security for two minutes and got through .

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