Roxio or Nero.

  nickhick 19:46 03 Jun 2003

Hello there.
My new computer came bundled with Roxio's Easy CD Creator Basic vers 5.3, although I have not loaded it yet. Having read the helproom on this subject it seems that there is lot of variance of opinion as to which is a better product i.e. Roxio or Nero 5. What, in your considered opinion, is the better product and which will cause me least grief. To date any burning that I've done had been done with Win XP's built in software which I believe is a much cut down version of the Roxio product.

  mikef™ 20:04 03 Jun 2003

As you say you will get both opinions, to even it up at the beginning I prefer Roxio as I much prefer the user interface, but this could be because I started with Roxio as my first burner. But whichever you choose I'm sure you won't really regret it.

  rickf 23:26 03 Jun 2003

I use Roxio and Nero for different requirements. Generally, I agree that the Roxio interface is more user friendly. AS you can tell, I have both on my compw/o any probs at all. Others have reported conflicts and I don't understand why this should be.

  nickhick 09:41 04 Jun 2003

My main problem is that using XP's built in function one cannot delete or overwrite files on CD-RW for example. When backing up 'My Documents' for example each time I do it the disc's free capacity reduces at each backup whereas I'd assumes that it would overwrite existing files and the amount of 'free space' would stay roughly the same.
You may have gathered that I'm new to these burning issues!

  ton 11:53 04 Jun 2003

I use both but prefer Nero. I really only install Roxio for Direct CD. (Don't install InCD AND DirectCD as these will conflict).

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