Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and C.Dilla

  SURVEY 09:40 13 Apr 2005

I have been using Roxio Easy Media Creator for a few months and it works exceptionally well. However I have been unable to Register the product because (I belive) I had previously regsitered another Roxio product and the system will not permit me to register this one. I have tried emailing Rxio help email address but with no response. Additionally I found at the end of last month a new directory that I traced in the Registry to Roxio. I again emailed Roxio at the end of March with the following message to which I still have had no rsponse other than the fact that somebody would contact me to respond.

'I would very much appreciate your assistance. I purchased Roxio Easy Creator 7 a couple of moth's ago. A week ago I noticed that suddenly I have a new directory on my computer entitled C_DLLA with a sub-directory of Safecast. I also note that in my Registry there is an entry under Roxio then FileOnCD and TargetFinder and TargetPath and then the C:\C.Dilla.

As this is listed under Roxio I assume that the Roxio Program has somehow installed this on my computer, presumably when I used one of the utilities in the package. Can you please explain to me how this has happened. I have managed to remove the directory from Explorer. Please inform me if this is OK and then how to remove from the Registry completely and safely.

I would appreciate your prompt response.'

Were the Cdlla Registry details loaded by the Roxio installation program or has it soemhow got into there? I just cannot get a response from Roxio - can anybody help me please.

  Sans le Sou 10:29 13 Apr 2005
  SURVEY 10:57 13 Apr 2005

Sans le sou. I am aware of what C.dilla is but what I need to know from Roxio is whether it was an integral part of their installation program or whether it has been installed within their program from say trying to download music. It may have been that it was part of the program and only when I used a certain routine within the program did there suddenly appear a new directory in Explorer titled C.\Dilla. Certainly that directory has only appeared months after I had been using the program!

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