roxio easy creator 7.5

  Belfix 11:47 17 Dec 2005

got a problem - has any body else?? 1. Roxio support site is EXTREMELY slow and I can't log the following problem. 2. Problem with burning audio CD's using Creator Classic in that I can create a project by copying selective tracks onto my hard drive from more than 1 cd and "combining" them into 1 CD with and without transitions/fadings etc. When attempting to burn it appears to stall after supposedly creating the toc (which it doesn't). Winxp shows 0% cpu and the only way to clear it all up is to manually reboot. Note that using Creator Classic I can duplicate CD's between cd/dvd drives and that using Nero I can burn tracks from my hard drive to my cd/dvd drive ok. winxp sp2

  Klof Ron 11:51 17 Dec 2005

If you are using Roxio and Nero is there a possibilty of a conflict between the different writing formats/

  Belfix 11:50 20 Dec 2005

Thanks for your reply "Klof Ron". Bit loath to uninstall Nero as this was pre-loaded when I bought the Pc and, as Nero is the only way of nearly doing what I want, then uninstalling will leave me a bit "bare" - I thought that only firewalls and virus-checkers couldn't co-exist as they normally run in the background - of course I could be wrong - never too old to learn. Howvere, I can't be the only one with this sought of problem - if I am what am I doing wrong!

  Klof Ron 12:06 20 Dec 2005

Do you have the latest updates click here

  Klof Ron 12:08 20 Dec 2005

Sorry link does not work click here

  Totally-braindead 12:25 20 Dec 2005

You can easily have as many anti virus or cd burning programs installed on a PC at one time. What you cannot have is them actually running at the same time, that causes conflicts. There is no need to delete Nero, if you think it is that that is causing the problem goto START, RUN and type msconfig. Goto the startup tab and look for anything associated with Nero. Untick them and restart, now Nero is still there, in order to work it all you have to do is click on it but it will no longer be automatically loaded. Word of warning here, do not untick anything else as you can disable something your computer needs to run, only untick the Nero items, also write down what you untick as if you do untick the wrong thing accidentely you can reboot into safe mode and retick it to get it back to what it was before.

  Belfix 08:24 21 Dec 2005

Once again thanks for your replies..
I had already removed start-up items for nero via msconfig.
the link appears to hang after selecting the file download to 7.5- although i did get a bit further. another strange thing though..roxio updater states "there are no updates available" whilst the web site states "there is", and also looking at the support members web-site it rang a bell that I had when registering 7 months ago I had requested notification of updates/sales etc and to-date haven't had a thing. The boney thing at the bottom of my left leg is about to contact this pc/package!!

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