Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.0

  User-BD7B78FF-C1E3-40AB-81CADB3C26C7D445 13:40 21 Jun 2003

I am thinking of buying the Roxio Easy Reader to enable me to store family photos from our digital camera onto cd's to view on our DVD player. Does anyone know if this programme will allow me to do multi sessions with the photo suite ie add additonal photos onto a cd at a later date. My CD-RW drive is the Asus 5224a by the way. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks...

I have tried the Nero software bundle which came with the Asus Drive, but it will not do multi sessions for a Photo CD album. It only allows multi sessions for data.

My home DVD player is a Toshiba which will play VCD's and not SVCD's.

  dogtrack 09:20 22 Jun 2003

all cd software will permit muli sessions for data be they Photos or something else. The problem arises when you want to create a slideshow. Various programs have number limitations for the pictures to be included. Once the slideshow is created, then that is it. But then CD-R disks are cheap.
I am not sure what the limit is for EZCD, but ON DVD by Dazzle allows up to 200 photos per slideshow. According to there manual, anyway.

  -pops- 09:23 22 Jun 2003

If you already have Nero, update it click here (doesn't cost if you have a legit version). Then have a look at the Nero Manual click here and scroll down the page. All you want to know about Nero is explained there. Far better than the Help files.


  hssutton 09:38 22 Jun 2003

If you mean you want to create 'multi session' VCD slide shows, I don't think this is possible. I use ECDC 6 to create DVD slide shows but have not seen anyway to put a second one on, as the program "closes" the disk at the end of a session. You can however use 'multisession' to archive your photo's

AS for Photosuite the least said the better.

Many thanks to Dogtrack, -pops- and hssutton for your info re: multi sessions on photo cd's. You all confirmed that what I wanted to do was impossible. This saved me buying the Roxio!

Maybe sometime in the future the manafacturers will cotton on and include the necessary programme for multi sessions for photo slide shows on CDs' which can be viewed on home DVD players.

Thanks once again....

  craneman01 21:10 23 Jun 2003

I had v5 of the above & it wouldn't recognise my burner even though it was less than 6 months old & no matter what updates I downloaded from Roxio or the burner manufacturer (MSI)
I purchased v6 in the hope that the new version would have the glitches out of it.
It recognised my burner no problem but unfailingly it jammed when I asked it to burn stuff.
Have more coasters than ever.
Have taken it off my system & consigned it to a bottom drawer. The MS Media Player 9 works fine with no hanging.
Roxio? a waste of my money.. pah!!!!!!!!!!!

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