Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 "Not enough storage" error

  netusername 00:54 11 Feb 2004


I'm trying to write my own compilation music CD-R using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 and a Philips CD-RW drive. When I attempt this, I get two errors:

1. Unexpected error
2. Not enough storage is available to complete the operation.

My music project is 74 minutes and I'm writing to a 74 minutes CD-R, so I don't see how there's not enough storage on the CD-R.

The other possibility I thought, was that there's not enough temporary storage on my hard drive. I have 84 MB free on drive C (where Windows is). Does anyone know if ECDC5 has a minimum operating requirement for free temporary space?


  Valvegrid 06:39 11 Feb 2004

I don't know much about Roxio but generally if you are writing your own compilation, as you add tracks you want to copy they are placed into the cache folder on you hard drive. If the project is 74 minutes long, that equates to about 650-700MB in size, which is far greater than the 84MB left on your drive.

Do you have another drive on your computer that you can move the cache folder to? You can probably do this by going to the options or preferences in the program and telling it what folder you want it in. If you don't have another drive I'm afraid your are going to have to free up some more room on your hard drive somehow.

  netusername 01:55 16 Feb 2004

Thanks for responding Valvegrid.

In Roxio ECDC5's "Tools|Options|General|Temporary Files" there is an option to specify a temporary folder, but I've already got this set to a drive with 700MB+ free and I'm still getting the error.

However I have found a (perhaps inelegant) solution. On the same tab, by selecting the checkbox to "Use Windows TEMP directory" and in "Control Panel|System|Performance|Virtual Memory", specifying a Windows cache with Min. & Max. sizes of 700MB on another of my drives, it now works!

  accord 07:36 16 Feb 2004

as a matter of interest, when i first got my cdrw drive i burnt a music cd on cdrw and it wouldnt play on any of my cd players, i think you can only burn to cdr.

anyone care to correct me on this is welcome.

  Valvegrid 07:55 16 Feb 2004

I never use cdrw because I've had to much trouble with them, I just stick to cdr's now, they're so cheap that I don't mind using them once and chucking them.

Why not start another thread and ask that question.

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