Roxio Creator 7

  bpzoom 17:28 22 Mar 2005

I have bought Roxio Creator 7 for use on Windows XP SP2 with all the additional configuration necessary, ie. hardware, memory CPU etc as specified on the sytem requirements for this software. All I have managed is to cause the machine to hang everytime I try the programme. I have uninstalled 4 times, restored using windows restore, and still cannot get the programme to work or to stop causing problems for windows. As I have obviously opened the packaging I assume I have no statutory rights to obtain a refund on the grounds that "it does not perform in the way the specification should". I am aware that all PCS are different but am stuck for an answer. The Roxio help site is stuffed with complaints about Creator 7 and I hav eeven tried their latest downloaded version, same result. Does anyone else use this software with XP and can possibly help please?

  chub_tor 19:17 22 Mar 2005

I have been running Easy Media Creator 7 on XP with SP2 installed for several months now with absolutely no problems. Is this the version that you have?

  bpzoom 19:55 22 Mar 2005

Thank you I am getting desperate! Yes that is the version I have. My last but one attempt was to stick a blank disk in my Philips CR writer drive and that opened CD Creator 7. I successfully burned a few files to a CD which proved it recognized the CDR drive OK. But when I clicked close after the burning, the machine froze.
Next step was to uninstall for the 4th time and reinstall but this time not the complete installation. I have now loaded the typical installation of Creator 7. This time there are no hang ups of the system (yet), but when I tried to burn files to the Philips CDRW 2000 (or 2010) the Roxio Creator cannot see the drive anymore. Windows device Manager now shows no CD drive available (Yellow exclamation mark). I have just failed to find again the list of compatible CD writers which is somewhere in the Roxio system?

  john-232317 19:55 22 Mar 2005
  john-232317 20:00 22 Mar 2005

compatable writers click here

  bpzoom 21:50 22 Mar 2005

Sorry dadyassa I did not understand the first link. As for the second I suppose it means replacing the Phillips CDRW drive with a new one. Not what I had in mind when I bought the software! I looked at the required spec. but never dreamed the CDRW would be incompatible. Present position, Roxio software uninstalled. Both CDs back working otherwise.

  bpzoom 21:51 22 Mar 2005

Chub_tor, which CDRW drive are you using please? Brian

  GroupFC 22:06 22 Mar 2005

It's nt much help but it would appear that a Philips Cdrw 2010 is on the list of supported drives click here

It is 14th from the bottom of the Philips listings.

  bpzoom 22:34 22 Mar 2005

GroupFC Yes but does it not mean in the other coloumn that it was compatible for CD Creator 4.5? Only those at the top of the long list appear to be OK for Creator 7, or am I reading it wrong?
Another matter, when looking for possible similar CD writer progs lurking on my machine which might affect Media Creator 7, I found INCD from a much earlier and long ago connection with Nero. I uninstalled it and promptly lost both of my CD ROM drives!! Only be going to a previous restore point did I get the two drives back, along of course with INCD. Another thing, the address of INCD is not in programmes at all. It is C:\windows\incd.

  GroupFC 22:40 22 Mar 2005

Not sure but it does say at the top of the page:- "The supported versions listed below indicate when a specific drive was first supported by the Creator product.
Any subsequent version will also support that specific drive." - I am a bit out of my depth here!

  bpzoom 10:40 23 Mar 2005

Latest on this is that there is not a compatibility problem with the drives and Easy Media Creator7. It may be that traces of Nero and the presence of INCD in the driver files for the two CD drives is the problem. So I have removed from registry all traces of INCD and Nero using Regseeker. I uninstalled the two drives and rebooted to let windows find the hardware. It duly announced new hardware had been found but in device manager the yellow warnings were back. Property details had changed, INCD no longer appeared in the driver details and Windows said that it had successfully loaded the driver files but cannot find the devices. Any advice from here would be appreciated.

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