Roxio CD & DVD Creator 6 conflict with AVG 7.5

  Abel 14:54 25 Apr 2007

Roxio CD & DVD Creator Version 6 conflicts with AVG 7.5 Anti Virus. Could anyone please tell me if there's a fix for this?


  baldtaco 15:47 25 Apr 2007
  Kate B 16:00 25 Apr 2007
  SURVEY 17:07 25 Apr 2007

I have both these programs on my computer and have not noticed any conflicts!

  SURVEY 17:08 25 Apr 2007

Further to my previous post I must say that I have Roxio Easy Media Creator 6 and the AVG 7.5 without any conflicts.

  Abel 17:24 25 Apr 2007

Clearly, I'm just unlucky! baldtaco's suggestion means I've got to fork out again. Kate B's suggestion guided me to the Roxio website, from which it appears my version of the programme is as up-to-date as it can be. Now, SURVEY says they have no problems. When I try to copy a disc it says 'Disc copier could not detect any supported recorders. Please ensure your recorder is properly connected. If the problem persists, please re-install East CD & DVD Creator.' Not only have I installed deleted and re-installed the programme, everything else works perfectly well in my Philips DVD R/RW recorder.


  Kate B 17:43 25 Apr 2007

How about seeing if there's a firmware upgrade for your optical drive?

  Stuartli 18:17 25 Apr 2007

It's often been pointed out that using two burning programs on one system can create problems.

  Totally-braindead 18:38 25 Apr 2007

Since you paid for Roxio and the AVG is free, my suggestion would be delete AVG and try the free AVAST.
Are you absolutly certain that it these 2 programs that conflict because it seems rather odd to me. Two programs that do the same thing often conflict but its unusual for an anti virus to conflict with a burner. You could try one of the other free burners and see what that does or disable AVG when you're burning, or try AVAST.

  baldtaco 01:00 26 Apr 2007

Abel, hola

“baldtaco's suggestion means I've got to fork out again”

Not so amigo. There's an excellent free version on that link I gave you, at the top right under Direct Download. I moved through several versions of that before eventually migrating to Prassi Ones, which I currently use. It did me an unfailingly great service. Simple, with a fair array of features for the average user, bloat free, and earns its corn.

  baldtaco 01:14 26 Apr 2007

Or try this - click here

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