Router/Wireless network Card advice required

  funkey_monkey 16:06 28 Jul 2006


I'm getting NTL broadband installed (4Mbps connection speed) and require a wirelss router to connect to a laptop and PC on an upper floor.

The ceiling/floor is wooden/joists so hopefully there should be little signal degradation - I've been told that there can be problems with the signal through concrete floors and walls.

Anyhow, I need to purchase a PCI wireless network card for the PC and a router.

The laptop already has a Dell Wireless 1450 802.11a/b/g 54Mbps Mini-PCI wireless Card (Dual Band) and an integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet Network Card.

The Pc is a Dell 5150, bought in March this year. I was thinking of purchasing a KCorp KLS-660 PCI card and the associated KCorp KLS-6615 router. However, I am not sure if these are the best things to buy. Is this all I need to go wireless with broadband?

Can someone please give me some hints advice on this please.

  Strawballs 18:04 28 Jul 2006

I have NTL 4meg with linksys router 1 machine connected by wire (it is in the same room as router) 1 upstairs on wireless with Novatech own PCI card and HP laptop using built in wireless and the laptop will work in the Neighbour house opposite and the router is in the back of my house. click here This is the one I have but there are other makes that other people will recomend.

  mgmcc 22:12 28 Jul 2006

<<< I was thinking of purchasing a KCorp KLS-660 PCI card and the associated KCorp KLS-6615 router. >>>

I also use a Linksys router with cable broadband. I would suggest that, if you are likely to need help to get your network running, you stick to the well known brands which other users are more likely to be familiar with - Belkin, Linksys, Netgear, D-Link

  funkey_monkey 11:51 29 Jul 2006


Thanks for that. Can you please recommend a full system (PC network card and router) that will be comparable with the network card on the laptop (described above) and also NTL broadband system?

I am worried that I might pick the wrong type of components!!


  mgmcc 12:18 29 Jul 2006

Strawballs is using a Linksys WRT54G, I have a Linksys WRT54GS (the Speedboster version, just because it was on special offer!), I also have a Buffalo WYR-G54 which is a brilliant little router (eBuyer should stock them).

With the router, I got a bundled Linksys USB WiFi adapter, but otherwise all my wireless adapters are Belkin - PCI in a desktop, PCMCIA in a laptop and a USB one I can move about and use with both Mac and Linux as well as Windows. There shouldn't be a compatibility problem in using wireless adapters from a different manufacturer.

For Cable broadband, just be sure to get a "Wireless Cable/DSL Router". Don't confuse the reference to "DSL" with models which are a combined Router and ADSL Modem, these are only suitable for ADSL broadband delivered via the phone line.

  funkey_monkey 12:26 31 Jul 2006

I live in northern Ireland. can anyone tell me where the best online places are to buy these products. I really can't afford to spend big bucks on this system, but I appreciate that if I buy the KCorp gear it might be difficult go get help in the setup.

I presume I need nothing more than the 54Mbps g standard card and router?

any suggestions as to what to buy where.

Also, do I need to get matched card and router or is the one tx protocol used industry wide? Would it be better to get a matched system?

Thanks for the replies.

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