Router/Telephone problem

  rawprawn 18:01 14 Dec 2007

I am getting very bad interference on all (4) of out digital telephones when my router is connected to Power.I have tried an old analogue at the first entry but it is the same. If I use the direct BT line it is OK (Take the front off and plug in to the direct line) If I unplug my router from the power the phones are OK. I have Reset the router. changed filters,and even replaced the extension cable to my computer. I had the same problem about 9 months ago, and after trying everything I could think of called in BT. It cost £230 for them to tell me it was not their problem, but about 2 weeks later everything went OK. I am not crying the poor tale but £230 is around half my state pension. Any advice please.
Can this be atmospherics? We have very cold frosty/foggy weather at the moment.

  Pineman100 18:06 14 Dec 2007

Could it be a dodgy main phone socket?

If everything's OK when you take the front off and use the direct connection socket inside, perhaps the connection between the outer socket and the innards is poor?

  rawprawn 18:33 14 Dec 2007

I will look at that again in the morning, unfortunately I don't have the correct tool for connecting it, and I am a bit wary of reseating the connection.We are going out this evening so I will look again in the morning, thank you for you imput.

  wmoore 07:46 15 Dec 2007

Try plugging your router into a different power socket and see if that helps.

  rawprawn 10:20 15 Dec 2007

The socket is new, it was replaced by BT when I called them out last time. I have reseated the connections with no change. I have also tried another modem, cable connected to the PC with no luck.

  rawprawn 10:21 15 Dec 2007

Yes I have tried that, but it makes no difference.

  rawprawn 15:24 16 Dec 2007

I have no idea why, but suddenly the problem has disappeared. Today is the first day that we haven't had freezing conditions combined with fog. It is below zero at the moment, but clear.
I have changed nothing electrical, nor any settings. The only difference I can discern is Fog.
Whether this can account for the problem I have no idea.

  Graham. 15:38 16 Dec 2007

Then it's got to be a radio interference job. Try one of these click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:39 16 Dec 2007

Damp getting in connection box at top of Post?
Shorting to ground?

Sounds like a BT line problem.

  Pineman100 15:41 16 Dec 2007

Is it possible that there is a slight break in the insulation of your phone cable, outside the house?

I'm just thinking about your fog comment and wondering whether some slight shorting could be occuring if the cable is coated with moisture.

  Pineman100 15:42 16 Dec 2007

Sorry to duplicate Graham and FB's comments. I was typing while they were posting!

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