Routers- Whats your choice?.

  spuds 09:58 16 May 2011

Most ISP's now provide 'freebie' routers of their choice to new subscribers. But have you found that your own choice of a previously used or new router as improved stability and speeds?.

Whats been your choice, why, and what was the improvement if any, on any specific router models?.

  Covergirl 12:35 16 May 2011

I've had no choice (unless I wanted to buy my own) so I've gone with Tiscali router (Speedtouch) and TalkTalk router (DTech), obviously all prior to TT taking over Tiscali.

The Speedtouch gave adequate connection via Tiscali at somewhere in the region of 1.6 mbps.

The DTech forever dropped speed and had to be rebooted. When it was good it gave c. 4mbps. Tried another DTech and it was the same.

I reconfigured the Speedtouch with the TT settings and that has been great, consistently returning 3.6mbps and hasn't been rebooted in 6 months.

I don't expect much more than 3.6mbps from my exchange as I'm 2 miles away, but the exchange has been LLU'd which influenced my choice of TT in the first place.

  robin_x 12:55 16 May 2011

My Speedtouch 585v6 (AOL freebie) has also been very reliable over last 14 months.

LLU from the start, 4.5Mbs day or night since then, I am also 2 miles from exchange.

It had 10 days of dropouts, 6 weeks after installation, like it was trying to tune the line then for some reason.

Apart from that, it just works. I never reboot it unless vacuuming, tidying cables around it. ie Very rarely.

  Pine Man 13:08 16 May 2011

I have had Thomson routers provided by O2 for a few years now and the latest is a TG587nv2. None of them have ever been a problem and all have provided a fairly constant 12Mbps.

About a year or so ago I carried out a test to see if it made any difference leaving the router switched on all the time or off at night when not in use. I did one month continually switched on and one turned off at night and the result - absolutely no difference whatsoever!

  Covergirl 15:42 16 May 2011

Sorry - it should have read D-Link in my post above.

  961 15:47 16 May 2011

The key thing I have learned is that adsl modem/routers do two jobs, and most reviews concentrate on the second, which is the ability to radiate wi-fi round your house

But if you are on a long or difficult phone line from your exchange it is the first job that is crucial. If you can't establish a stable ADSL connection to the exchange everything is lost

That's because software used by BT and your ISP will continue to reduce the speed of your connection, every time your router fails to maintain a connection, to try to establish a "stable" speed

We have talked about your problem over the months and I have to say I've learned just as much as you while you, and I, have investigated how to increase and stabilise our broadband speeds

You'll see Covergirl is 2 miles away from her exchange and does not expect more than speeds of 3.6mbps. But the key factor is that with the router she is currently using she hasn't needed to reboot because of a dropped connection in 6 months. That's with her Speedtouch. The DTouch forever dropped speed and had to be rebooted. Just shows her choice of adsl router is key. Perhaps she'd like a better speed. Wouldn't we all? But with a stable connection she can get on with what she wants to do and, if it all takes a few seconds longer, so what?

Pine Man has a Thomson router, same as mine. He has no problems and gets 12Mbps. Wouldn't we all just love that!. But key factor is, the connection seems to be stable

My Thomson router is the best part of 6km away from the exchange. It is an old design but provides a stable connection which has not dropped over several months. Because of that, the basic speed of the connection has gradually increased using BT and ISP software from about 2mbps to well over 5mbps. Compare that to other routers used here, which dropped connection 4 or 5 times a day and resulted in connection speeds of under 2mbps. NO contest

It's wi-fi round the house is poor. Very poor. But as an ADSL router I guess it's better than many costing three times as much

Your search for a stable connection at a reasonable speed goes on. Bit like srralan's for an apprentice!

  961 15:52 16 May 2011


I've had two D-Link routers, one free, one bought

Both consistently dropped connection, exactly as you describe

  spuds 17:36 16 May 2011

Just had a couple of telephone discussions with my ISP. With regards to routers, they have suggested that "try what you have", but with a possible 'mystery' line fault, they cannot see any different routers making any improvements?.

With my ISP, I have been supplied over a period of time with the Thomson/Alcetal, Sagem, Seimens and now Huawei. My own stock consists of Belkin, Linksy and D-Link. But haven't tried the last three yet?.

I was just wondering if someone had changed their router, and found a vast improvement by doing so. Assuming of cause that the line was relatively stable to start off with?.

  john bunyan 23:47 16 May 2011

I changed from Linksys to a Belkin N+ ADSL2 about a year ago and find a big improvement on wireless range and reliabilty - also in a power cut it comes on again when power is restored whereas the Linksys had to be reset. I am getting a regular 6.8Mbps on a "up to 8" contract with Pipex (Talk Talk) - much better but I think the supplier has improved bandwitdh rather than the router being the reason. My exchange line max is 7 so I am now happy. I believe Belkin have a lif tine guarantee (if that means anything)

  onthelimit1 09:51 17 May 2011

Another tick for Speedtouch from me.

  Woolwell 09:57 17 May 2011

I'm with cable now but my 2 D-Link Routers did not drop connection with ADSL. My problem was distance from exchange and an apparent throttling of speed by my ISP at peak times. I normally got 2 Mb but when it began to drop below 1 I moved to cable.

I think that the main difference between routers is wireless capability but the speed that it gets is down to line quality, distance from exchange and ISP.

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