routers and hot weather

  sunnystaines 10:16 24 Jun 2010

can they be affected, had to reboot the router a few times after it stop working also feels hot.

on the wifi a lot of sites not connecting but other connect ok.

any thoughts anyone.

[pca site displays all out of place too]

  gengiscant 10:26 24 Jun 2010

Do you have a spare router you could try,it might be that your router is failing.

  ventanas 10:31 24 Jun 2010

Mine is on the windowsill and can be in full sun at times.
When this happens I always cover it with a black cloth to keep it cool.

Yes I could move it, but cables not long enough to reach both power and phone anywhere else.

  sunnystaines 10:48 24 Jun 2010

i have put the router on its side seems to be helping.

  mooly 11:26 24 Jun 2010

Shouldn't be an issue component wise... the minimum rating for most components such as capacitors is 85C, usually 105C parts are used and semiconductors (all the IC's/transistors have max working temperatures between at least 100C and often in the 125 to 150c range.

That said heat often causes faults to show in defective components/poor connections/soldering etc...

  sunnystaines 12:36 24 Jun 2010

I thought I had read a year or two ago about routers and heat but could not find it.

so far since being on its side its been ok

  onthelimit 12:51 24 Jun 2010

I would have thought a white cloth would be better than black. However, I would think non at all better as then the air can circulate.

  chub_tor 13:02 24 Jun 2010

Or even aluminium foil?

  woodchip 14:45 24 Jun 2010

[pca site displays all out of place too]. I have had this problem also with PCA do not think its your router. most likely is your browser

  sunnystaines 15:18 24 Jun 2010

using IE8

pages do not fit screen background colours gone white, all kaput and slow to open.

ok at the minute.

  mooly 17:11 24 Jun 2010

IE8 and Vista... never a problem with the display aspect, it's those d$£^"#@<*& adverts that open when you go over certain words.

Three or four IE8 not repondings due to that AGAIN yesterday. They really are a pain.

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