BBez 22:25 14 Feb 2003

Got 28 PC's to Network over 3 floors. Have a 32 port switch and a 2 port Router. Should I use the switch and break the floors into seperate subnets without using the router or will I gain any advantage with performance, bottlenecks etc by using the router. There will be an ISDN line going in in a few months when required.

Also I'm a little sketchy on this but will the router be able to break up the single broadcast domain into "per floor" broadcast domains (3)

suggestions, thanks in advance...

  eccomputers 22:31 14 Feb 2003

you wont get any bottlenecks using the router. I am curious as to why you are going ISDN as opposed to ADSL? not many ISPs support ISDN.
As for having the floors on seperate domains, this isnt an issue. What becomes the issue is the server and whether it is configured correctly.

  BBez 22:40 14 Feb 2003

hi eccomputers, it's for a college assignment but the tutor's gone of sick for a week and the stand in tutor's a bit sketchy. 3 of the 28 PC's will be fileservers on each floor (1 per floor/department) and ISDN was what is been given to me. Each server will have it's own degree of Administrative Authority but may need accessed by other departments, when required. This is my query on whether the switch will reduce performance instead of using the router by being a single broadcast domain

  eccomputers 00:08 15 Feb 2003

I presume you are going to create several domains on this network. Each server being a seperate domain. If this is the case, make sure the IP addresses you use for all domains isnt too far apart else only one domain will be able to see the router.
Just have your switch hubs linked together and control the domains on a single network and have the router hanging off a switch for availability to all users. There is no performance issue here, 28 users is not large. You can set up a group on the servers called 'internet' and any users you wish to allow external access can be made a member of this group.

  bullitt 00:16 15 Feb 2003

i may be mor than a little tipsybut i think microsegmentation will maintain ur bandwidth performance, set up vlans with high speed asymetric conection between file servrand workstations???

  BBez 09:04 15 Feb 2003

thanks very much for clearing that up for me, much appreciated.

bullitt: suggested VLANs to the tutor and his backside collapsed so I decided against it.

Thanks again...

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