Tony W. 12:40 26 Jun 2010

Can somebody please explain what is the difference between a wired router and a wireless router.

I understand that once you set up the wired version the cable can then be disconnected and is no longer required in which case surely then it makse it no different from the wireless version.

Any information would be appreciated.


  rawprawn 12:48 26 Jun 2010

Well it does make a big difference. The reason that you set up using a wire connection is that it is easier and more reliable. After you have set it up you can the disconnect the wire and use your computer or place you router wherever you like.You can also use more than one computer on the same router.

  Tony W. 12:50 26 Jun 2010

Thanks Rawprawn its a new wired one then.


  tullie 12:51 26 Jun 2010

You cant remove the cable from your pc,unless you have installed a wireless caed

  northumbria61 13:00 26 Jun 2010

The wired version would have to be permanently connected - unless you had a wireless card.

  Tony W. 14:30 26 Jun 2010

Thanks to Tullie and Northumbria61

I Didn't know that.How do I find out if there is a wireless card installed.


  northumbria61 14:52 26 Jun 2010

THere would have to be an antenna sticking out the back of your PC from the wireless card - see here -

click here

  Strawballs 15:00 26 Jun 2010

If you wish to use without wire installed it will be a wireless router you need and as there is little difference in price i would go wireless which you have to conect to by wire to get set up

  Tony W. 15:06 26 Jun 2010

Thanks northumbria and Strawballs.

I Cant see an antenna. This is what I have on my computer

* LAN: Gigabit Ethernet, Wake-on-LAN ready.

Is that the wireless card?


  onthelimit 15:46 26 Jun 2010

No, Ethernet is the adaptor for the cable.

  onthelimit 15:47 26 Jun 2010

p.s. LAN is 'local area network'. A WLAN is 'wireless area network'.

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