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  Siddhartha 17:36 28 Oct 2003

There are 4 computers in my house (win98se and XP)and i have a Netgear ADSL Modem and Router Combo. Broadband access works great on all computers but how do I set up file sharing? Do I have to go through the XP 'Set up home Network' route?

  Taran 17:46 28 Oct 2003

One way of doing it is to make sure File and Print sharing is installed on the Win98SE machine - open Network Neighbourhood and add file and printer sharing from the list of available Services if it is not already installed. Restart your PC after installing it.

Create a folder on each computers hard drive and call it Share or something meaningful to you.

Right click on the folder and:

for Windows XP, select Sharing and security or click on Properties and select the Security tab. Follow the prompts to enable file sharing and give the folder the necessary access rights to allow users to create and delete files (or not as you wish).

for Windows 98SE select Sharing and again, select the options or fill in the username and password for access rights to allow and enable file sharing on that folder.

Now when you browse the network each machine should see the shared folder on the other and it will be listed on the network as \\Computername\share or something similar

If you have a printer on one machine you can share that as well using similar methods. Open up the Printers icon from your control panel and right click on your installed printer. Click on Sharing from the drop down menu and follow the prompts.

Hope this helps.



  Taran 17:49 28 Oct 2003

Using the Network setup wizard can help you make things a little more secure overall and may simplify things to a degree.

The setup wizard does one of two things I've noticed: it either works beautifully or completely messes things up.

Personally, I've never experienced it when it messes things up but we've had plenty of threads in the Helproom asking for assistance when things have gone wrong with it.

On the odd occasion that I've used it it seems to work well, as long as you know which prompts to select. It creates a setup disk that you can run on your Windows 98SE computer to set it up along a similar line to the XP machine.

Your choice.

Either method will work.


  Siddhartha 20:28 28 Oct 2003

I'll try this a see what happens - let you know later

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