Router won't detect bluetooth accesspoint

  andy625 11:43 18 Jun 2007

I'm trying to connect a Belkin bluetooth access point F8T030 to my router (Netgear DG834N), however the router will not detect that its been connected, and won't assign it an IP address.

I have DCHP turned on, and the router normally detects other pc's/storage hard drives that I've attached to it straight away.

I have tried manually assigning an IP address into the router settings, however it still wont find it.

Any ideas?

  rodriguez 12:27 18 Jun 2007

Bluetooth and WiFi (that wireless routers use) are 2 different things. To connect to your router, you need a wireless network adapter, not bluetooth. Your bluetooth adapter can be of use though - if you have a phone that uses bluetooth, you can use it to transfer photos and other phone's content between the phone and PC.

  andy625 12:47 18 Jun 2007

I understand the difference between wifi and bluetooth. This device is designed to be connected to a wireless router via a network cable, and enable any bluetooth device to connect to the network using the bluetooth function of the access point. You can also attach printers to the USB ports on the access point so that you can print from the bluetooth device (eg pda's) to the printer via bluetooth.

The documentation supplied with the access point says that when you connect the unit to the router, the router should assign it an IP address (provided the router has DCHP switched on).

My router will not register that I have plugged anything into it even though I hae DCHP switched on.

  jolorna 14:50 18 Jun 2007

is your computer wired to the router, the way i read it it needs to be, i might be wrong

  ambra4 15:25 18 Jun 2007

Try this site

click here

  andy625 16:18 18 Jun 2007

I have a pc wired to the router, however I don't technically need to do anything on the pc. I should just be able to plug in the access point, and its supposed to get an IP address and just start working, as I understand it. ie I should then be able to connect to it using my pda (or another bluetooth device) and connect to the network/internet.

  andy625 16:23 18 Jun 2007

ambra4, I just tried your link, and I follow what its telling you to do, however I cannot get an IP address for the BTAP to put into the top box on the "network settings" page. I understand that this is allocated by the router(?)

  ambra4 16:24 18 Jun 2007

Get real

Did you look at the site that i sent you

  andy625 16:32 18 Jun 2007

Thanks I am "real" and did look at the site you sent me the link to.

The problem is that the BTAP is not getting an IP address assigned to it by my router.

The router is not registering that anything has been plugged into it except the pc. In the router settings, if I look in "connected devices" and it just shows the pc, not the BTAP.

  ambra4 16:35 18 Jun 2007

Try replaceing the cable between router and BTAP

  andy625 20:00 18 Jun 2007

Tried changing the cable, made no difference. Also tried assigning an IP in the router settings, and putting that into the BTAP settings. Still no luck.

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