Router won't act as bridge

  spras 17:12 18 Sep 2010

I'm trying to make a second router act as a bridge to link up a device that isn't wireless and is too far away from the main router to run a cable. The setup I'm trying to create is:

Internet -> Main router -> (wireless connection) secondary router -> (wired connection) device

The router I am trying to make act as a bridge is a TRENDnet TEW-633GR

Firstly, the wizard doesn't act as it should. The instruction say the wizard should detect that I'm already on a network and run me through making it a bridge - it doesn't

In the router admin panel there is an option to switch between Router mode and Bridge mode. I put it in bridge mode with the following settings:

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

I'm sure the first 3 settings are fine, slightly more unsure about the DNS values but I can't find any mention about them on my main router so am unsure what to put (tried and which is google DNS to no avail).

I've tried turning off the firewall. I know DHCP needs to be off but can't find an option to do this (but surely switching to bridge mode does this automatically?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

  gengiscant 12:05 19 Sep 2010

Your main router will almost certainly have the DNS figures in its setting somewhere.
You do not mention the main router make/model.

I would imagine that the settings on the bridge would need to be the same as the main router so you will need to input the DNS settings.

  ashdav 13:36 19 Sep 2010

Surely if you want to connect the routers wirelessly you'd need to set them up with an ad hoc connection ?
I've got a similar setup to what you want to achieve but the router-router link is by cable.
In this instance all the DNS and DHCP is controlled by the router connected to the internet and the bridge has them disabled.
The primary router then sees the bridge as just another device on the LAN and IP addresses are assigned by the primary.

  spras 18:37 19 Sep 2010

The main router is a D-Link, I can't find a model anywhere on it. It was provided to me by Sky.

The main router has the worst admin panel I have ever seen on a router (courtesy of Sky). There is a DNS value listed under the 'ADSL Port' section, I have tried putting this as the Primary DNS value on my second router but that didn't work - and I don't know why it would need to know that anyway as it should route DNS requests through the main router. Apart from that I can find no other DNS listing on the main router - all other routers I have seen list a Primary and Secondary DNS.

I'm not entirely sure that is the problem anymore though. When I try and set the secondary router to a local IP address - assigning it or something similar - it becomes completely inaccessible and needs a reset. I shouldn't require any DNS server to access the router by IP.

  ashdav 20:29 19 Sep 2010

I've done a bit of trawling around the internet on this and come to the conclusion that you won't be able to do what you want with the equipment you've got.
I think the best bet is to equip the "device" with a wireless adapter or buy a proper wireless repeater/bridge.
(Not trying extend a neighbours internet across the street are you?)

  spras 21:26 19 Sep 2010

Nope, I'm just trying to extend a connection to a non-wireless device that it is inconvenient to run a cable to from the current router

Any information why this won't work?

  MAJ 21:33 19 Sep 2010

What is the "non-wireless device"? Is it in the same building as wireless router with the internet connection? How far away is it?

  spras 21:42 19 Sep 2010

Yes, it is in same building. It's a chipped Xbox. Its about 3 - 4 metres from the router but I live in a student house so running cables through other peoples rooms is impractical

  MAJ 21:49 19 Sep 2010

What about a Homeplug, would it work for you? click here

  ashdav 23:23 19 Sep 2010

You can configure virtually any router to work as a bridge by tweaking a few settings as long as it is wired to the primary (hence the wizard saying it will automatically detect a network).
Wireless is a completely different kettle of fish and is not readily supported by the firmware in most routers.

  ashdav 23:34 19 Sep 2010

Can you just confirm that the second router is a TRENDnet TEW-633GR as I can't find any reference to that type on the Trendnet website.
There may be a way around this.

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