Router and Wireless router have no power.

  Fawaz 16:03 28 Jul 2007

I've got a big problem. I disconnected all my PC cables so that I could give it and the area around it a clean. I put it back together, everything worked fine... except, my router amd wireless router wouldn't turn on. I'm using a adsl modem at the moment, but I can't use it for wireless.

When I plugged them in and switched them on I realised that I had put my router power cable in my wireless router and my wireless router in my router. Could the circuits have blown or something? Neither of them have the power light coming on, although the adapter connected to the plug is warm.

Please any advice would be appreciated. (My router is a BT Voyage 210 ADSL router, my Wireless router is a Buffalo)

  brundle 16:27 28 Jul 2007

Check the voltage and amperage output of the two adaptors - if one is much higher than the other than at least one of the devices is probably toast

  Fawaz 16:31 28 Jul 2007

Thanks. One has a higher ampage but lower voltage, so I think they are both screwed. I'll buy a modem router tomorrow.

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